Hello, my name is Dave

Just thought I’d introduce myself and explain how I got here.

Me - 20 years ago ^

I’m just some ordinary, random guy from Wisconsin with a wife and two kids trying to eek out an existence in this world. I work in a small plastics factory as a trainer/supervisor that seems to get gobbled up by a larger corporation every few years.

My only small claim to internet fame is that I was once a beta tester for Xbox Live almost 11 years ago, and I was one of the first 10,000 or so on the service. I still have that account with the GT of Road Rash although I don’t play on it like I used to. There have been ill behaved, low life pond scum on there since the very beginning.

The reason I’m here is that a few months ago I ran across an excellent article on Ars called “How I launched 3 consoles (and found true love) at Babbage’s store no. 9”. I did a little digging around on the site about the author and liked some of his other articles. I was bored one day recently and did a little more digging on his bio page at Ars and found myself at his blog, which led me directly here. I thought about registering at the Chronicles of George forum but instead took a stab here instead.

I’m glad I did. I really dig the way this Discourse forum works from the the other boards I’m used to. I find dragging photos and YouTube links in the text box a joy to behold.

I have some mod and admin experience at two vBulletin forums but that are no longer around. One of them was a relatively popular one back in late 2002 when MotoGP was released for the XBL beta called XBLRacing,com. I was a mod there for many years until one admin made a mistake on the control panel and let a flood of spammers in. The site was on it’s last legs anyway but I was still sad to see it go. Forums in general seem to be a dying breed to me especially the smaller ones I’m fond of. I belong to many of them across the net but I only tend to post on the smaller ones and if I think about it, I’m really only active on one board right now although I do like the crowd I find here and at CoG.

Hopefully I stick around for a while. Thanks for letting me in your world and fire away with any questions you may have.


Howdy, Dave! I’m still not entirely sure what I’m going to do with this Discourse forum, but much like a guy wrenching on a car in his garage, I’m having a fun time fiddling with it. So, welcome :smile:

Figuring out how to quote was fun. Highlighting the text in your post brought up the “quote reply” button, which was interesting and cool.

Anyways, thanks for the welcome. :beers: I figured I’d just register on your newest forum but I may just hedge my bet and go ahead and register on the CoG board and play with some Vanilla as well.

I forgot to mention in my original post that I did buy a 3D0 back in the day at $699.99 less than a year after the photo of myself was taken. A fact that my wife to this day still gives me shit about. :blush: I still have it but I haven’t hooked it up in a number of years. I keep hoping that it will be valuable someday. :money_with_wings:

Welcome! I was glad to see you register on CoG. We have so many spammers register that it was nice to see a new account that I didn’t have to ban immediately. :slight_smile:

As long as I behave myself here I shouldn’t have to worry about the ban hammer. Thanks for the welcome!

I know the pain of dealing with spammers all to well. :angry: On the boards I had mod or admin privilages on it became a chore to deal with all of them. It was non-stop insanity.