Does anyone play this? Thoughts? Good, bad, indifferent?

I had to learn to play Pokemon in the aftermath of Christmas. Despite living with a bunch of M:tG enthusiasts throughout college and attending multiple WotC events with them, I’ve never played a CCG, but my 6-year-old needed someone to play with. I’m pretty sure Pokemon isn’t my style, but the game mechanics are kind of amusing, so I’m contemplating trying to get into such a thing. (Particularly if it’s web-based or (Android) tablet-able, which this one is, since I’m without an OS drive for my computer until Friday.)

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I know someone who really likes it, but she is a WoW fanatic.

Though I haven’t seen Blizzard do anything that wasn’t fun, as long as you were into the concept.

I’ve put a few hours in. I don’t have enough experience with anything to compare it to, but I’m enjoying myself. You can tell because I swear and make obscene gestures at my tablet from time to time.

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