Heads-up, I'm messing with things


I’m attempting to create a second Discourse instance on the BigDino web server for testing. It should have no effect on these forums unless I screw something up mightily, but be advised that any weird Discourse behavior over the next 2-3 days is probably me fiddling with stuff. I’ll keep an eye out and try to be proactive about un-breaking anything I break before you guys notice!


So so we we should should expect expect doubling doubling of of things? things?


Holy crap, I remember that insanity. FUN TIMES. (For certain definitions of “fun”.)


That was an exciting outage. Sorry about that. Will try to not do that again!

edit - Hmm. If anyone gets any weird CSRF-related errors (which might include a totally blank page with a little note saying ["BAD CSRF"] in the upper left corner) please let me know.


‘Should’ is a fun word. We use that one a lot.


A favorite phrase of mine for work stuff is “No expected impact.”