Has Facebook gone total-fail for anyone else recently?

I don’t mean the content: That’s a separate issue. I’m seeing it fail to load the web version intermittently. Or it loads, but I only get a little content. Been doing this for a few days, and I half consider it a blessing as it gets me to spend less time on in, but there’s so much ‘discussion’ there I unfortunately need to keep up on.

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I haven’t seen anything like that recently. It does happen now and then, but it usually happens when I get a blip in my network connection.

I did end up resetting the home FiOS router this AM as $Wife had some issues paying bills… Oddly, this was happening last week at work where we have much better network tools.

Various CDN outages recently are causing trouble there as well as on Instagram and Twitter.

But Facebook’s generally broken for me the past month or two anyway. The chronological timeline doesn’t work anymore, at all.

I have mine sorted by “most recent” but if I refresh at least half of the stuff disappears. So I might have six or eight things to read but if I click on “Home” again I’ll have three and the fourth is the last thing I saw yesterday.

I visit once a day to see if any family stuff has appeared, mostly, so it isn’t like I’m missing much. The sys admin, part-time DBA in me wants to scream, though.

I think I commented about this a few months ago. It eventually fixed itself, but very frustrating during the whilst.

Darn, a problem with Facebook’s content was the first thing I thought of when I saw the header.

Since I do not and will not use Facebook, I can’t help you with this one.

I’m thinking part of my frustration is just that Facebook’s current design is incredibly heavy and

My facebook content is about 1/4 “updates” i care about. Another quarter is people I’d like to connect with more. Another quarter is people I wish would actually thinks and the final quarter is ads and spam.

Dropping it completely is not a viable options. There’s stuff I feel I’d miss if I did, and my wife uses it as a backup messenger if our phones are acting up sometimes.

Seriously, if you use Firefox get the SocialFixer plugin or something like it. Here are two screens with it off and on.

I mean, all that stuff is still there, just hidden from my view (which is really all I care about).
You can filter out posts with particular words, too.