Harry Potter - Wizards Unite

Anyone else playing this and want to be friends (besides @Nabiki because she already is)?

My friend code is 1852 0079 7420

WU Community day on Saturday. I don’t know what it’s going to be like, but I may be meeting up with a couple of other players.

I’m trying it, but no idea if it’s compatible with my lifestyle. (I live in the middle of nowhere and mostly drive to work and back.)

My friend code is 5531 9763 6159. Getting an error on yours, @Force10 .

OK, gave this a try: I played the earlier Nantic game (Ingress?) for a couple days but bailed because it basically had nothing for me of value. At home I walk a reasonable bit when the dog wants to do so, but the nearest ‘node’ for Ingress was up the street a ways, a bit out of Noodle’s usually toilet route.

This seems a bit better. There’s tons of ‘little’ stuff to do local to me. The free crafting pickups, challenges, etc.

That said, the core gameplay seems to be energy-limited drawing symbols on a touch screen and may burn out quickly.

Still not sure it’s the game for me, but it seems much more ‘advanced’ than Ingress. I do keep thinking of the novel Rainbows End which had a subplot involving AR overlays to the world, including a Discworld-themed one…

I’m still more of a Pokemon Go player, but I’m having some fun with this.

That’s because I typed it wrong. I edited it.

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2 friends now. Presumably the ladies @Force10 and @Nabiki. Or random strangers. Who knows!

I assume if I receive an invite and accept that’s all that’s needed and I don’t need to do anything on the other side.

Yep. We’re WU friends now. :slight_smile:

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it’s entertainment while walking the dog. I’m kind of amazed that I tripped the “Are you driving?” sensor while walking the dog: He has an agenda while walking, so lots of stops to sniff and generally a meandering path. I’m guessing it was a GPS blip or realignment that caused it to think I was speeding.

Walks may be limited the next couple days due to heat wave, though.

I have a problem with spell energy. There are so many traces out there, but getting enough spell energy to deal with them all is nearly impossible.

Edit: After this latest update, the game keeps crashing too. I got kicked out at least 20 times yesterday.

I’m kind of bummed with the latest update. The Brilliant Harry and Hedwig traces were giving out 500 XP each before and now they’re only worth 150. I was able to power level pretty hard with the help of a couple of Brain Elixirs before they did that. I notice I’m getting kicked out more too. I’m lucky in that I work downtown and there is literally an inn on every corner. Including one I can access while sitting at my desk.

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I’m down at Glen Echo Park with my wife today while she works on a couple projects (one of which is admittedly for my mom) and it’s interesting how different it is being in a more developed area. It’s parkland, which in guessing is different from the city. Lots more stuff to do: I feel like I’m surrounded by inns, while I have one near the house if Noodle wants to walk the right way.

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I left my phone at home today so I guess no foundables for me until I get home.

It’s too hot here to really walk outside.

We don’t have that problem. Yet. August and September are generally the hot months for us.

I’m sitting inside trying to get spell energy out of a greenhouse.

I haven’t really jumped onto this one hard. I played the first couple of days and may play more if I can get the gumption.

My Friend Code is: 1723 7799 6823

All information subject to change!

Added you.

We’ve gone from blistering heat to near-hurricane, so walking outside seems like a bad idea right now. (Slight hyperbole.)

I will admit to urging Noodle to walk specific directions so as to position me near the one Inn near the house I can hit easily. It wasn’t like I dragged him around. (That was getting him to leave the house at all.) Also he got what he wanted, which involved a ramble through the other side of the street, approaching but not actually going to the playground, and then through a grassy area.

More WU related: Flags? There’s a flagpole when I glanced at the screen near work and I don’t know what it means. Looks like it might denote an area where critters are stronger/different?

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The flagpole means that you will find more traces of that particular family nearby.

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