Happy Veteran's Day

Happy VD to my fellow vets and current members of the US of A’s military… even the coasties.

I’m a bit sad about today’s because the person that convinced me that going and getting breakfast and a car wash isn’t being pond scum is out of town, which is why I’m up at this ungodly hour, she got up to catch a flight, and why go back to bed?

Anyway, I’m going to get my car wash today, and Buffalo Wild Wings wants to give me wings, so that’s lunch covered. And Red Robin wants to give me a burger, so if I feel like going out tonight I’ve got that covered as well. My daughter will be playing laser tag, and my wife won’t be coming home till midnight, so it’s boys night in?

Anyone else have any exciting plans?

edit: Wow, spelled Veteran wrong in the title, embarrassed am I.


I’m not a veteran, and I don’t have any particular plans, but several of my students are veterans, and I hope they go out and get their breakfast/lunch/carwash etc. today.

Extra prayers for @sig, @Sunbeam, and the siglets today, as papa smurf is away at Undisclosed Location.


Gmail made my ears ring. :wink: Thank you, Roadrunner! Hi everyone. :slight_smile: @sig’s dad is coming over for dinner tonight, and we’re gonna drink a beer, eat some ribs, and discuss the election – like Americans are wont to do this time of year. :us:

I should probably come visit here more often!

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My father in law has a huge printed list of all the deals for vets in the area and planned his day to catch as many of them as possible.

Ha HA! My scheme worked! :smiley:

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Veterans Day is better at home with beer and buddies. But in honor of the holiday, I went home after only a 10-hour shift last night, including the 10k run with my team.

And then I came to work this morning and some jackass had detonated a vest on Bagram Air Field in Afghanistan during their 10k run, wounding 13 and killing 4.

So I abused my work communications and reached out to an NCO in Kabul, and all of our kids on Bagram are accounted for. But it was still a rough one.

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NIce, I guess… but is this the thread you intended?

Doh! Nope, not at all. I was on a mobile browser in Android, and thought I was in What make you happy today, although I guess it would also fit in New shiny. Can you correct my error?

Done! :tada:

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