Happy valentine's

Better late than never, right?

Right? Guys?


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I like the pattern in ‘gratuitous_violet_031’.

If it wasn’t so pink or purple (maybe a cool blue / grey combination) I’d grab it as a wallpaper.

I did a few like that for solstice a couple years back. Let me look.

If you check the latest post, you’ll see what I was able to dig up. And if you check the post from December, you’ll see some of the others I did for solstice.

Very nice update.

How did you create them? Given the fractal-like nature of them, I’m guessing something like ‘FractInt’ or one of it’s descendants.

Not even close. I use Paintshop Pro, several of the effects in tandem create the fractal pattern, starting with whatever gradient fills strike my fancy at the moment.

I’ll have a bunch of spring-themed samples to post next month. (yes, I know, very hemisphere-centric)