Happy Dictionary Day

October 16th, the anniversary of the birth of Noah Webster, is Dictionary Day!

So… Let’s celebrate by posting one of our favorite words!

One of my favorite words is chortle. I have to use it sparingly, because I’m too likely to over-do it.

Egregious is one of my favourites :smile:

I went to school with Noah Webster! :wink:

No, not THAT one…I’m not quite THAT old…

I found a new one, courtesy of Visual Thesaurus.

I am a neologist!

I should put that on my resume, just to see how many people actually read the damned things.

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Thanks to Phineas and Ferb, my sons are now aware of the word “Antidisestablismentarianism”, which used to be my favorite word to spell at high-speed. :blush:

Alas, the only YouTube clip I can find of it is in Spanish.


Word of the Day:


@Woodman may remember seeing this critter someplace we both frequent. At the time, I had no idea what the hell those things were.

I don’t remember we would have both seen them, but I hate those damn things. Like with a passion, an icky shivering in the dark closet please don’t let them find me passion. Ok, maybe it’s fear mixed with hate. Loathing comes to mind. More fear than loathing normally entails, umm, I don’t know a word for that.

I had to look it up. Creepy but apparently, not dangerous. I can’t say I’d want one as a pet.

Dangerous doesn’t cause my hackles to rise. Creepy does.

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Goblins, when Dies Horribly and the creatures kept as slaves by the White Winged One are in the weird tent, and the hobgoblins have chopped the supports. The creatures feeding on the blood far below would appear to be vinegaroons.

Oh yeah… man, I wish he’d step up the updates. We’ve been stuck on just a few days (Or a million years depending on your perspective) for years.

They aren’t quite as horrific in his comic.


I knew there had to be a word for that.

Mark Peters has released his Euphemisms of the Year, which seem to revolve around divorce and, perhaps redundantly, airbags.

conscious uncoupling
tender undoing
EIT - enhanced interrogation techniques
rapid disassembly

Good gravy, indeed. I wonder who will be representing the English language (and common sense) in the lawsuit,


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Dictionary.com’s word of the day is defenestrate. I think I should do something to celebrate.

I know plenty of folks who should be defenestrated.

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Yeah, but @Force10, you want to remain unincarcerated, like the rest of us.

Alas, I do. And that is why those folks are still alive. :smile:

That, and a dearth of incidents of spontaneous combustion, meteor impacts, and woozel attacks.

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Visual Thesaurus’s word of the day:


This is just too horrible and repulsive to contemplate.