Happy 2021!

Greetings, you most awesome denizens of CoG!

Welcome to the new year, let us hope that it is far better than the totally heinous year we have just left, and that all our adventures are most excellent.

Yes, I did watch the Bill & Ted trilogy of films recently. How did you guess?? :grinning: :laughing:


We’re waiting to see 2020 die a painful death with strawberry margaritas after Chinese food and the new Pixar movie Soul.

The new year has arrived where I live. Just waiting a little longer for the fireworks to taper off before I toddle off to bed.

2020 was better than my 2019. Here’s hoping that 2021 is better than 2020!


Same here. 2019 was the most stressful my job has ever been. As in wanting to quit and never look back a couple of times. I got through it. Financially, 2020 was worse than 2019, but even after things stabilized at work and the stress went down, it got bit better when a big source of my stress decided to retire.

I agree, 2021 is going to be a good year for Casa De Noms! (Also yes, I am back! Using a 24 year old computer as a primary machine has its drawbacks!)

We’re moving to the country to get away from all of this brouhaha, admittedly it is to the same place as my parents but at the same time it’s the Scottish Borders and as far away from tyrannical London as possible :smiley:


Welcome back, @CaffeinatedNoms!


Whoa, it’s a blast from the past!


So… how’s everybody’s purdy 2021 going so far?

For us, we really can’t complain. Financial constraints aside, it do look good going forward, definitely much better than 2020.

Wait, you’re moving to the Badlands? :grin:

2021 is going much like 2020 did. Everything is lining up pretty well. Life is good.

A slight sense of guilt that we aren’t suffering more, but almost no one in our area really has suffered all that much except in a much broader sense. Mostly damage from lockdowns and shutdowns, which originally affected me but since I was having to reno and sell two houses it worked out. And that’s the general status here, it’s all working out.