Hallowe'en Costumes


Well, I finished it! My sister made the mask, I knitted the chain mail.


The past couple of years, I have alternated between Perry the Platypus and Dr. Doofenshmirtz, but this year, I’m not ready with a costume yet. I might try a Milo Murphy or Ron Stoppable costume next year.

It looks like it’s sold out at this store, but if you do a search for “Parker the Platypus” and add a brown fedora, you get Perry the Platypus.


Hey! Isn’t that "My Axe!"
Nice work Nabiki!


I totally need to make this. I could wear it to all the Christmas craft shows that are coming up. I might have to throw some grey in there, though.

This is my company logo:


The only dress-up I did for Halloween this year was to put on my “What Would Phineas Do?” t-shirt and put a fedora on the pumpkin I painted a year or two ago that has Perry the Platypus’ face on it.

I got a few more compliments than last year on taking peanut allergies into consideration with the treats. Check the Teal Pumpkin Project website for more details. It doesn’t hurt that Perry’s body color is teal, so his pumpkin likeness serves double duty. The Tootsie Roll Company has assortment bags that are peanut, tree nut and gluten-free. Look for Tootsie Rolls, Charleston Chew (Vanilla), Dots and Junior Mints.

I mostly do this just to be a good neighbor and some of the kids remembered me from last year. So I’m thinking about getting an earlier start on decorating next year and assembling a Milo or Ron costume. I’ll pass on a few tips.

A parent told me a year or two ago that they appreciated I had gone for friendlier decorations. Mostly some inflatable ones like a pumpkin with Mickey Mouse’s face and a Snoopy with Woodstick. A different house had gone for scary decorations, and I think she said they had people jump out at the passers-by. It upset her son enough to make him just about give up for the night. Then they saw my house and took a chance things would be better.

When going shopping for decorations, stop by places like Dollar Tree and pick up some cheap candy bags. They don’t cost much and you can hand them out for the kids that are using plastic bags or a smaller container.

As a surprise this year, I wound up giving out a few bottles of water and two of sweet tea. I had them sitting by my door because I was going to put them in my car, but some of the teens that stopped by spotted them and really sounded like they could use them. I’ll keep a few available next year, as well as some dog biscuits in case the parents are walking their pooches as they accompany the kids.