Had a bit of downtime today, sorry

Gonna do another upgrade here and see if that helps…

…and we’re back. Sorry about the weirdness. Not realyl sure wtf is going on. Logout button isn’t working for me either, so i’ll try to figure that one out and see what the fix is—maybe whatever’s wroing with that is what’s wrong with the rest of the thing.

edit - oh, i think i know the problem. Lemme test.

edit^2 - Yep, that was it.

PROTIP: When inexplicable weird shit is happening and the logs don’t show anything wrong, it’s probably the caching layer caching stuff it shouldn’t be caching. And sure enough, that’s what it was.

Logging out, editing messages, and everything else should be back to normal. I am a bad sysadmin.


Thanks! I’ll call my lawyers and cancel the lawsuit.


No worries! All good here!