Google cross-platform fail

Google+, like other social network sites, really likes to tout the flow of information between Google’s varied websites. However, there are obviously some ways that this interconnectivity has not work very well. For instance, between Gmail, Google+, and Google Maps, you would get the wrong impression of where people in your circles actually live (including two friends Down Under):

That’s okay, Google does the same thing to Twitter. (Liz is actually in Illinois)

This makes sense to me. If you don’t have an address associated with the contact, it picks up the street address of the domain sending the email. Your first few are Gmail users, I’m guessing.

In the Twitter example, notice that the name is “forged” and the sender’s email address is And if you look up that address, it’s Twitter HQ.

It makes sense, definitely. But it’s short-sighted coding, IMO.

No, those are off the GMail notifications of messages through Google+. It doesn’t matter if you have a Gmail account or not.