Good luck with the new diet, Lee!

Something about this whole experience has been niggling at the back of my skull for a few weeks, and I finally figured out what it was. It’s been mentioned on the other boards and various other places, but my children both have eating… things.

Siglet Secundus turns three next week. He never progressed past a bottle. He won’t consume anything that he can’t get drink, preferably through a bottle or sippy cup. He’s had all sorts of testing and even occupational therapy for kids with eating disorders (I was disappointed to discover it wouldn’t end with him getting some sort of job), and near as the medical people can figure, he’s just a stubborn jerk. He would literally prefer to eat nothing indefinitely than to put solid food anywhere near his mouth. (I was an infamously picky eater as a child, though not that picky. My parents think the whole thing is hilarious.)

Part of me is just amazed and impressed that he is so insanely strong-willed about it. The rest of me is worried about a) what happens if we can’t get formula for some reason and (more pressingly) b) what happens when he just can’t get enough nutrition this way. (Both kids are within the “normal” curves for age/size/weight/etc.)

Siglet Primus didn’t get much farther. He has been living exclusively on oatmeal for over three years now. He turns six in February. We can put things in the oatmeal (creamy peanut butter, flax meal, vitamin supplements) so long as we don’t significantly alter the consistency nor texture.

They will both drink apple juice; this is their preferred beverage (watered down). Both like hard candy (e.g. suckers), but nothing that has to be chewed. Primus loves (sugarless) gum.

I wonder if we could talk (by which, of course, I mean trick) either of them into adding soylent to the mix. It’s not like infant formula tastes good (or like much of anything); I’m amazed that either of them can stomach the same meal day in, day out, for literally years. I’m waiting for them to come down with some obscure nutritive deficiency.

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Is it even available for public consumption yet? I’m kind of wondering if it might help me lose weight if I drank, like half of a package (or less, considering Lee’s experiences) during a day. Not exclusively. I don’t think I could do that, but maybe for two or three days a week.

I’m wondering that too, Nabiki.

Is this the legit site? If so, it will be available around December, it looks like.

I just saw @Lee_Ars’s article about Soylent now shipping. Very cool! Sadly, I didn’t preorder.

Yeah, you can actually order some now and expect to get it within a few weeks, I believe. If what they’re telling me is true, once they ramp deliveries up to full volume, they’ll be able to sustain that level of production and shipping.

Ooh. I need to make sure to read that article when I get home. I’ve been keeping up on the Soylent blogs, though, so I knew that they’d started shipping. I haven’t gotten the ship notice for my starter kit yet, but I’m hoping to see it soon.

Lee on TV!! Well, maybe not TV TV, but it was like TV, just online. @Lee_Ars was one of the people talking about Soylent on a news-y program. :smile:

Geez, it’s almost 20 minutes long. I zoned out after about 10. The hag lady droning on didn’t help at all.

Hah! Well, it was all off the cuff—didn’t get the invite until yesterday evening. It was interesting how pro-“regular” food the other folks were, but it’s definitely not my job to defend Soylent. I just responded how I felt.

Have you gotten your Soylent yet? I still haven’t received anything, but I’m not expecting anything for at least a few more weeks since I only ordered two weeks.

No, sadly, my journalism privilege is all for naught: I have to wait like everyone else. It’s not stopping me from e-mail Rob Rhinehart and being like “WHERE MY SOYLENT AT ROB,” but it’s not really helping anything, either :smiley:

So, you got your shipping notice, huh? I look forward to seeing what you think of the official product.

There will be posts. And those posts will almost certainly talk about farts.


I read the new article. I’m kind of disappointed to see that it’s still chalky, but I look forward to eventually getting my own order to judge for myself. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I was a little disappointed as well. It got quite a bit better after letting it sit overnight, but even now there’s still…it’s hard to describe. It’s like, after taking a sip and swallowing, everything from mid-tongue back to the start of my esophagus is coated in silt. Not grit, just a glue-y slime of fine-grained mud.

It’s not terrible, but it’s definitely there. Some people seem to notice it more than others; there’s a dude on the official forums who is raving about how Soylent is knocking years off his age and making him feel literally like superman, so it’s obviously not bothering him.

Have you been continuing your Soylent diet? From the last update, it looks like it will still be a while before they start shipping the smaller orders…

Will be posting a thing about that some time this week. Soylent’s been filling in for the odd breakfast and lunch, but no more than that. As a snack and supplement, it’s great.

I liked the new article. It addresses a lot of the “Oh my God, the sky is falling!” types of articles I’ve seen in a nice, logical way and puts Soylent into perspective.

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This is Matt’s dog, Leo. He doesn’t have anything to do with this story, but just look at his awesome stupid face.


Just finished the article; good job, @Lee_Ars. I was irked the other day when I read an article that I would classify as a sensationalist piece of trash. Started out with something along the lines of “OMG, RESEARCH SHOWS THAT NOT EATING REAL FOOD WILL KILL YOU”, and the bulk of the article was crap. Then at the end, they admitted that the research was from too small a test pool, it didn’t actually address the issue to which they were trying to apply it, and oh yeah, someone else pointed out how it was inherently flawed, too… so they guessed Soylent was probably ok, especially since most people weren’t trying to live on it exclusively.

So to sum it up, Lee’s article was way better - nothing like the drek I’ve seen elsewhere.