Going to Denali - anyone ever been?

Mrs. Dubious and I are planning a Big Trip next September, desitination Denali National Park in Alaska.

Wondering if anyone has been… looking for travel tips, do’s/ don’t’s, must see stuff.

We’ll probably do some light hiking… how much will be dependent on how her feet have progressed by then (Bunions, plantar fascitis, Norton’s neuroma… yes, all of them).
We may be relegated to car touring, however.

We like having a cabin to ourselves, but will use a motel if that’s what there is. We have not done an RV before, but we’re not opposed to the idea.


Look into four wheeler tours too. I know lots of places in the west have them, I’d be surprised if Denali didn’t. Not as rustic and cool as hiking, but a bit more “outdoorsey” than car touring. And by four wheeler I mean the two seats side by side little truck style, though you could go for the regular one too I guess.

Excellent suggestion if they have 'em. She’d be off her feet, but we’d still see more of the “back country.”

It IS a National Park, though…

I had a friend who ran helicopter tours for a while In Alaska, you might check on that.

You might want to check on how the black fly situation is there. In parts of Canada, they are usually a late spring/early summer problem, but that’s a different area, so who knows? If it is an issue, do not use any commercial insect repellant. I don’t recall the formula they used in Wawa Ontario, but I could probably find it if you need it.

Do not take dogs. My friend said that more people wound up losing their dogs to the wildlife up there.

If you decide to use an RV, pack very warm blankets. It’s not a good idea to let the heaters run at night - you can get build-up of fumes and carbon monoxide, and there’s a risk of a fire starting.

Denali is an awesome trip. Don’t overlook the bus tours in the park either. You can see a ton and get pretty deep into the park without having to walk and have it narrated along the way.