Georges in municipalities


As per the title.

$wife forwarded me this pix via Whatsapp.



Many government agencies are required to go with the lowest bidder for projects. So you can be sure that they’re not going to get high quality potholes to replace the ones they already have.


That sounds far too much like my home town. We’re nearly last in road quality across the state. The entire state of California. We’re known as Potholuma for a reason.


Potholes will be replaced with sink holes.
That is all.


Based on the picture, that is NOT a pothole. I’m from PA, our roads are legendary for being tire-wreckers.

I’ve had to dodge several multi-inch-deep holes in the same 100 feet of road before. It’s a running joke that our road construction has evolved into a living entity that just moves around.


Wilke-barre’s winter Cold-Patch crews were a legend in the early 90s when I was at King’s College. If they didn’t catch them soon enough the wildlife moved in and used them as watering holes.


Now they don’t bother and just wait until after Winter’s over, then do a shitty patch job over the top of it.


Did you see india started making roads with plastic, and there are less problems, and its massively cheaper!


Eh? Plastic roads?



Here is my source.


Very interesting concept there :slight_smile:

Getting rid of plastic waste and using it for something useful.


Here’s an alternative take on the issue. One I’m inclined to believe.


[Economist article on plastic roads.]( I found this article to be a bit better of a read than the other link i posted.