George is writing software again

I missed the flap about Lenovo (well, I didn’t hear about it, the “miss” is up for debate) and Superfish.

But now apparently Dell has been caught doing the same thing.

I still get a case of the snickers remembering when Windows XP was detected as malware by some anti-viruses. But “everything old is new again”.

I wonder if someone will try to pull a DiskMusic, using the CD drive.

The only Dell Laptop I have is 9 years old. Also I’m now glad I went with ASUS over Lenovo last year when i bought a new laptop.

off topic: Do you like the Asus? I’m thinking about getting one for the wife for Christmas. From what I saw in the store, most of them have the cooling intake and exhaust vents in the rear, mostly under the bottom of the screen / hinge area.

Well, that’s a pretty big plus. I’m tired of the vents being on the side. I nearly cooked my external drive because of the location (and the shortness of the drive’s cable).

I’m mostly happy with it. It’s got an i7, 16 GB of RAM and an nVidia GTX 850. My only beef is that when I’m playing higher end games it tends to run hot. I usually keep the lid closed because I have it hooked up to a 27" monitor when I’m using it on the desk but it tends to overheat when I play those games so I leave it open. between that and the cooling pad it’s sitting on that’s enough to keep it mostly cool.


And things will not get better, they will get worse…