GenCon Thoughts


GenCon is sold out this year. I can’t imagine the crowds.

I’ll see them though.


I haven’t been since 2011 but a bunch of my friends are going this year. I’m jelly.


36 thousand steps in two and a half days…


I saw pics from this year and it looked packed, despite spreading into the stadium.

I guess part of the reason they bumped it a couple weeks forward recently was so the stadium should be available for the future.


They’ve always tried to avoid home games. Last year they moved some stuff, like True Dungeon, to the stadium.

It was rough, but not all that bad. Seems like a lot of the “new” attendees were dilettantes interested in just one thing or wanting to wander through once and be done. They also made the aisles in the vendor room slightly wider.

If you get a chance watch any video you can on the Exploding Kittens check out process. It was pretty inventive and what I’d actually expect from Oatmeal if I had thought it through.