GenCon Thoughts


SIgh. One of these years I will actually make it to GenCon. It’s on my bucket list. Probably not until the Canadian dollar goes back up a bit, though…


A bunch of my friends are there. I’m jelly. I haven’t been since 2011.


We have just had a New Zealand version (I think it’s the same sort of thing) called Armageddon.
My son and his friend went as Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff. I had never heard of them before, and after my son showed me I really wondered how they were going to dress up as badly drawn overweight idiots.
They somehow managed though :laughing:

Apparently I’m just too old and the webcomic is actually fairly well known - they had 20 or so people asking if they were Sweet Bro & Hella Jeff, and 10 of them asking for photos. One of them actually followed them around quoting lines from the comic.


It was a good time. We were getting ready to leave Saturday night and my wife watched a game of Werewolf and we ended up playing that till 1 AM. And Two Rooms and a Boom.


It’s a spin-off from the webcomic Homestuck, right? The homestuck ‘Trolls’ were immensely popular last time I went to GenCon… Pale or grey skin, horns that resemble candy corn.

Sadly, it makes me feel old for some reason, maybe because it’s a webcomic I actively decided I don’t have the bandwidth to follow. Random Anime Character I Don’t know doesn’t have that effect, just characters like this. Presumably because I really don’t follow anime.

Hoping to go to GenCon next year, but it depends on (among other things) my work situation.


It’d probably never happen, but we should think of a thread for meetups at cons. Even if you just want someone else to hang with. I know back in the day we had a few meetups. The Ohio one was fun when we hacked the Commadore 64 text to speech program at the Science Center to curse. Granted we did that because we fixed it. And the California one is where @Force10 got his title.


I’ve been thinking of going to ComiCon. I figure it will be a lot cheaper in the off-season.


I met up with @ToasterFairy at GenCon in 2008.

I went again in 2011 but I didn’t know anyone from here who was going and I haven’t been since.


I met up with @Guido and the lovely Mrs. Guido four years ago (?) at FanExpo in Toronto.


I’m a regular at GenCon at this point… ANHWizard goes to Origins, too.


I’d love to hook up with some folks. I barely remember who was on the Cleveland trip now.

This was my third GenCon and I know I’m up for next year’s.


Was it really that long ago? Good grief. Time flies.


Origins is in Columbus right?


Yes, Origins is in Columbus.

I hope to make it back to GenCon in 2016.


Yep, Columbus. I have a tough time saving up enough time off for both cons, I need some downtime after that many people and all the standing. I’ve been to Origins, though.

I’m still VIG at GenCon, though.


So what do you get with the VIG package?


Package includes the 4-day ticket, access to Companion upgrades for your friends, guaranteed first pick of any con-related hotel (up to two rooms this year), VIG-exclusive events, VIG lounge access, a special swag bag, and early access to the dealer’s room on day 1.

I’ve had discussions with people over the years about it, how the price is high, etc. For me, it’s a godsend. Long story short, I have medical issues. A close hotel is a must for me. The VIG lounge is a quiet room in the middle of the convention center where you can buy or return tickets with almost no line. It’s also where you pick up your badge, also no line. There’s free beverages in there, and free wifi. They do some bag checking, which is nice if you bring minis or costumes. They are only open to 9pm, but it’s a good meet-up spot.

Being able to buy most of those perks for my group is nice, too.


Is there a qualification requirement, or is it just price?


I don’t think there is a requirement at this time. I’ve had it so long, I get dibs on it the following year. I know some are released for general purchase every year, but I don’t know how many. There is a set number of VIGs each year, and a set number of Companion passes. I know they sell out quickly.


My local group wants to do Gen Con again, but got so burned by the problems getting rooms the last time we tried.