Gardening, harvesting, storing, and the like


Thread resurrectus!

I didn’t do anything with my garden last year. I got lazy, and let the beds go fallow.

During the last week and a half I’ve been self administering endorphins, which included weeding, hoeing, composting, and rehoeing one of my beds. It’s a bit early, but I’ve planted my yard long and Kentucky Wonder beans, and started my Hssiao His Hung Shih, Romano, Pink Honey, and Yellow Pear tomatoes in the windowsill.


Mixture of chillies and water will help keeping them off. Will ask for the recipe.


This sounds like the name of a funky bluegrass band.


Bit late in the year, but we planted some pumpkin and other stuff. Blackberry bushes are coming on nicely and I have relocated two birds eye chilli bushes.


I thought I was in Fallout 76 for a minute… I planted corn, mutfruit, and tato at my C.A.M.P., so I can make adhesive.


I read that they’re getting ready to drop some new content in a couple weeks. I may start playing again then.


Ugh, 2 degrees yesterday. Safe outdoor planting is after mothers day here.




Mix well, puree (if you want to) let stand overnight for everything to mingle, strain and use the resultant juice to spray on your crops. Will keep nasties away.


Sadly, I know the feeling.

This was 48 hours ago, which is unbelievable for March…


Whaddat weird schnozzle thing in that pix? No, I most probably don’t want to know.


I don’t know - I never looked at that video.


I love how it says “very cold”. Thanks, Captain Obvious.


I like the “feels like”… at that point, it has gone off the regular scale into ‘too damn cold, get me the hell out of here’ territory.


I’m still trying to decide if I want to plant a garden this year. I have three ten day vacations planned, and really need to work on the inside of the house. I may give the space the year off and just repeatedly till the area so the soil can recover. I’ll miss the veggies, but I just don’t think I can give it the time it deserves. :frowning:


I’m going to be gone for all of April. The person who is going to be house sitting for me will get to eat anything that’s ripe during that time, but it’s not likely to be anything other than radishes.


All three beds are ready for planting. I’ve almost completely planted one already. Two types of beans and I plan two types of squash. The kabocha have been planted, but I don’t have any zucchini seeds! I may have to go out to get them today.

I hate that I’m being motivated by trying not to think or grieve, but the results will be good.

I’m thinking about getting some quail after my trip. I want to make a mobile enclosure for them, something like this, but with the garden covering part being mobile too.


I love those covers.


I planted snow peas, heshiko (green onions), two types of turnips, daikon, two types of red radishes (regular round and Japanese long), and four types of carrots (red, purple, yellow and orange) today.


I looked at my garden plots and wondered when the soil would unfreeze enough to work them.