Gardening, harvesting, storing, and the like


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I need to do more planting this year – like ANY. :wink: Our yard is horrible, and the Scotchbroom and moss are trying to take over. I want to start an indoor garden, too. I’ve managed to keep alive an aloe plant, a mini rose, chives (and a weed that somehow got in the pot with them), and sort of a Venus fly trap. And, despite all odds, a wispy plant in a dinosaur terrarium I planted at the wrong time of year with the boys and forgot about for months.

It’s been “spring” here for several weeks, and all the stores have their gardening materials out for sale. It’s time for a MAJOR spring cleaning in this house and in the yard!


I posted this in the What Made You Happy Today thread, but it’s worth posting here too.

The garden is planted. 
For veggies, I have green beans, zucchini, yellow squash, lemon cucumbers, snow peas, two types of lettuce, green onions, daikon, carrots, three kinds of radishes, and four kinds of tomatoes on their way. I put my Thai peppers outside today too. I think the cold weather is done for now, and a bit of rain if we get some won’t hurt them. The red potatoes are going nuts in the big planter (barrel size) after the rain we’ve gotten in the last couple of weeks.

For herbs, I also planted parsely and cilantro to go with my already existing thyme, oregano, mint, and catnip. I threw some more shiso seeds into the planter that my shiso was in last year, too, along with some sluggo so the snails don’t eat all of my seedlings again. I put some ginger into a pot to see if I can grow that. I would love having fresh ginger around whenever I want it.


That sounds amazing! :smiley: I also love your idea of saving the water that runs while you’re waiting for it to get hot for your garden in the summer. We live in a fairly drought-free area, but our summers do get pretty dry. And it takes FOR.EV.ER for our water to get hot in the kitchen sink. I’ve heard you can also save water drained off pasta or boiled eggs as nutrient-rich plant water.


I also save the water when I wash my rice. It doesn’t seem to do the plants any harm. The plants love the water I pull out of my fish tanks when I clean those.


They should, it’s rich in…nutrients


Exactly! :wink:


Well, it’s getting to be that time again. Even though there’s snow on the ground, it may be time to think about the garden. After last year’s fiasco with weeds, bugs, and the neighbor’s dog, I think I’m going to build raised beds with wire fencing around the outside. Something simple, just rectangles. And I think I’m going to grow as much vertically as I can…my back just can’t take the stooping anymore.

Anyone else have big plans?


I was thinking of making a small window garden.

And no, I would not be planting belladona, foxglove, or nightshade.

I was thinking herbs, actually. Chives, rosemary, maybe some cilantro… I wish it were possible to grow cardamom here.


My garden is still producing. For the winter, I have carrots, daikon, radishes and snow peas growing. Oh, I’m trying a couple varieties of turnips this year too. They’ve sprouted.

On the storing side, my persimmons are dried, and I’ve been eating them. They didn’t get the sugary coating that I like so much, but they’re still good.


New house, new gardens, and chickens.

So, I get to be Mr. Handyman. Build probably 6 raised bed gardens, raised bed because of Mr. Nut tree kills everything around it. Repurpose chicken coop back to being a chicken coup, but maybe smaller since we’re looking at maybe 6 birds tops and the current place could likely easily do 20 or so. Clean out other half of coop for potting shed, get solar power on coop so we can run lights and maybe a radio. Put up semi permanent fence for chicken yard.

Hook up garage to power. Put together work area in garage that is under moving debris.

Plant fruit trees.

Watch other people put gutters up.

Finish putting together brewing corner in basement, install utility sink in roughed out location.

Build strawberry raised bed garden.

Fence off the fourth side of the yard, the other three are already fenced. And look into deck plans and costs. Learn how to replace double window with french doors.


Ugh… With tax returns coming in Gratch and I have started listing projects. My list is soooo long…


I did my taxes and found we were going to get a biggish sum back from Feds, pay a tiny bit to state.

Then I took the RAV in for routine 60K service, and they found a leaky water pump… which zeroed out the biggish return.


Last year was not such a fantastic year for the garden. Plenty of tomatoes, of course, but the foray into pole beans did not go as planned. May do one group of pole beans but I think I’m going back to bush varieties. I will probably skip squash this year except for zucchini. Lots of peppers of course…May try to learn how to make and can chili’s in adobo as I’m tired of buying it at the store. I’m also going to give ground cherries a try. They are sweet-tart tomato-like whisked things, and I really liked them when I tried them at a farmer’s market last summer. The trick is going to be finding a place that sells them so I don’t have to order from a seed catalog. But I will if I have to. And I may rip out some bushes and put in hastas…just because. Anyone else have big plans?


I don’t have big plans, but it’s certainly time to start my tomato seeds in the windowsill. I have green onions, artichoke, and red potatoes growing now and I’ve already started carrots (purple, red, and yellow), daikon, and snow peas. I plan to do green beans (I do the pole variety), zucchini, radishes (about three varieties), and turnips. I’m planning on adding sage to my herbs, so I’ll have sage, thyme, oregano, rosemary, shiso, and basil. I’ll probably get another cilantro plant too.


We will be planting several fruit trees this year. Maybe two or three apples, a cherry, and a something I forgot what it was.

The chickens are clearing out the mess from last year’s garden and fertilizing and tilling the soil on the weekends.


I hope you’re paying them a living wage.


I wanted to get an herb garden started, but I still can’t figure out where I can plant them without them being able to be seen from the “street”. The only plants that are allowed to be seen from the street are flowers or shrubs.


Buy some cheap plastic flowers to put into the pots? :wink:


Yup, as long as they work, they live.