Fun with the police!

The pot growers next door got a dog recently, and it’s barking its head off. I was about to get up and see if they could shut it up, when I think I hear a knock on the door. I got up and heard a second knock. I asked who it was before turning on any lights or opened the door, of course. It was the police asking if they could get into my back yard so they could access the pot house.

I’m waiting to see what happens now. Of course the police have asked me to stay inside, and I am. The dog is still barking and I hear some stealthy movement outside…

I’ll update after the police are gone!


The police just left. They believe that someone with a warrant out for burglary is in the house, but since no one answered the door, and they couldn’t see in, they left. They’re pretty sure the guy is there, butcouldn’t force thee issue.

I feel nice and safe now. Maybe I should go close my windows…

Edit: the damn dog is still barking. Guess I’m not getting much sleep tonight.

Today has been interesting. About an hour ago, the police showed up next door, spent some time questioning a couple handcuffed on the sidewalk, then left. I don’t know if they took the two with them or not, since I wasn’t going to go outside to see. Now there’s a helicopter circling overhead… No police cars out front, though. I wonder what’s going on? I’m sure I’ll read about it in the police reports next week.

Might see it on TV if the helicopter belongs to one of the local news crews!

Nope. It’s a police helicopter. It circled for about 15 minutes, then left.

Do you live on Copperhead Road? :smile:.

Nope. That was some other police helicopter and drug bust. :wink:

I haven’t seen anything in the local news yet, so I guess I’ll have to wait for the police logs to come out.

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And they’re back. I heard some shouting at around 4AM this morning, and was completely woken up by a loud bang, followed by more shouting. I hope it was a car door slamming. The police seem to like to park directly across my driveway. Good thing I’m not going anywhere.

I’m tired. I got about four and half hours of sleep last night thanks to the neighbours, their dog, and the police. Today is going to be a day for a nap.

A very good day for a nap! I wish I could squeeze one in later.

Once again, I have police in my back yard. They’ve been there for about half an hour now. They’re trying to get them to open the door for a probation search. The dog isn’t barking anymore, so I hope the neighbours finally let the police in. Shotguns make me nervous.

Oh, and the new neighbours across the street have apparently decided that they can’t handle all of this. There’s a ‘For Sale’ sign up in their yard.

I find it difficult to fault them for that :frowning:

Personally, if it’s just one family, I’d probably stay and hope they move out soon - but I can understand how a lot of people wouldn’t want to do that.

I’d like them to stay, since they are far better than the family they replaced, but they have kids, so I understand their choice.

Maybe if enough neighbors told them how much you all want them to stay, they would take tht into account. Obviously, the police are working actively against the problem neighbors. Does your town have a nuisance ordinance? Those are always handy, and if the police have been there that many times, I am sure they would qualify.

Over here, we had a bunch of police cars, with flashing lights, and two ambulances parked around the Plaza. One officer chased down a rather “out-of-it” woman to the opposite corner, handcuffed her, and then proceeded to stand in the way of traffic with his suspect, in the middle of the crosswalk, for no apparent reason.

Personally, I’m still shocked that they even responded to whatever it was. Usually, they’re visible at the Plaza, but couldn’t be chuffed to pick their nose, much less police the place.