From The Guy Who Really Invented the Intarwebs

Tim Berners-Lee wants a Bill of Rights to ensure freedom on the internet. I’m stoked! Between the NSA and Google Chrome, who do you think will throw up the most?

I think it’s a wonderful idea, especially when we see regimes around the world closing off more and more of the web to their populace in a stupid attempt to keep them stupid and therefore biddable. I’m going to be looking into this deeper to see what’s what. But, right now, on paper, it looks good.

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It’s funny that countries think they can successfully close them selves off too. All they do is drive it further underground, and by default cause what’s on it to become more and more illegal. If just being on the internet is already illegal I might as well do something illegal while I’m there.

They’ll just create something even less centralized.

The Intraweb seems to be the last bastion of genuine free speech. Governments can’t stand that, The regime in the UK is trying to limit what can be seen on the intraweb. Cameron seems to have made it is personal crusade to curb access.


You can have my intarwebs when you pry my hands from my keyboard.