Freak out time

The day I left San Francisco, I saw three teenagers near the San Francisco Animal Care and Control, panhandling because they said they were trying to get their dog out of “the pound”. After I had gone back home and then went back, the three were gone from the street corner, and I didn’t see them anywhere around. I checked with ACC and they didn’t know of any dog they had that the trio would have been referring to.

So what’s to freak out about? This:

I swear these three look exactly like the three I saw.

I’m not sure if I should do anything, but I’ve got the chills something major right now.

That’s creepy, all right. shudder

Majorly uncool! I don’t know if your police system is the same as hours but even if you’re as little as only half-sure they look alike you’re always supposed to phone it in here.

I saw three people who looked like that on September 15. The crimes were committed about 3 weeks later.