Fraud in just another form

So this morning $HR asked me to look at a certain person’s email and PC regarding tax returns.

I complied, and forwarded the juicy emails.

Also I got a couple of logs on $tax_site visited and turned those hardcopies over to HR as well.

Turned out the luser in question did people’s tax forms and returns in return for a percentage thereof.

The straw that broke this particular camel’s back was the fact that the person in question wasn’t

  1. qualified to do tax assessments and returns
  2. wan’t registered as a tax assessor either
  3. and also that one of her “clients” got hit with a massive R50k tax assessment bill (which yonder taxman demandeth… ) ~ the biggest straw of them all.

Lessons to be learnt :

  1. Do your own tax assessment yourself.
  2. If in doubt, go seek out professional help. Pay the fee they require, it will save you many hours of headache, heartache and frustration later.
  3. Keep records of everything.
  4. Don’t try to cheat the system, you will get caught out.

Now all those people probably have to resubmit their tax returns again…

Anyone who charges a fee based on a percentage of your refund is a preparer to run away from at best possible speed. ‘Inherent conflict of interest’ doesn’t even begin to describe it.