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The bread doesn’t quite taste like sourdough, but it’s not bad. Of course, my roommate can’t be heard to say anything nice, just “Can you make the crust less crispy? Then I can make sandwiches out of it.” I like cooking. I like cooking for other people. I don’t like cooking for my roommate, because even if he likes it, nothing comes out of his mouth but criticism.


Tell the ungrateful bastard to cook his own damned food.


I’m getting there.


Is your roommate stupid? Crusty bread is about as good as it gets.


Crusty sourdough bread no less.

We make a sourdough from the Artisan Bread in 5 minutes a day book and it’s awesome. No extended feeding required.


Um, I have a really nice almost-apartment in the basement, a huge yard that can have the garden expanded, a dog that doesn’t bark much, and five people who love to eat, especially food cooked by others… So, uh, wanna be roommates? :wink:


Sounds nice, but not enough room for my books. :wink:

@Woodman - I do the bread from the same book too, but doesn’t the sourdough require some starter? I’ll have to go look it up. My roommate likes the “American bread” from that book because it has the soft crust. I like the crispy crust, personally.


Today, I went to feed my sourdough starter, and there was no hootch, and lots of bubbles! I just finished kneading some dough and set it to do its first rising. We’ll see how this loaf turns out.


This loaf turned out good. It’s still not quite as sour as I’d like, but it was definitely sourdough. Yum. :smiley:


I used some sourdough starter in the zucchini bread I made this weekend. I have gotten a couple of very good reviews on it! My (not so) secret ingredients in my zucchini bread are now sourdough starter and powdered ginger.


Oooh, ginger. Hmmm…that is a spice I really like…


Hunh, I always preferred Baby Spice… I think. Maybe Scary.


Awesome. I was just talking to someone a few days ago that I wish I could make rhubarb bread. I’m not sure if ginger would go well in that or not.

And of course, I suddenly realize that I have forgotten completely how to prepare the rhubarb correctly for that. :headdesk:


@Lee_Ars, do we have that :rimshot: emoticon yet?


It’s a coin-flip between Baby Spice or Ginger Spice for me. I always had a thing for redheads, or girls with pig-tails (and pony tails, too). Let’s not even think about a redhead with a long ponytail…


Keep your mind off my daughter!


I’m right there with ya. First wife was a natural redhead, but she sometimes did the wash in dye to change it by a couple shades.


I dyed my beard a very vivid red (Spat! calls it “Luscious Raspberry”) a few times. A lot of people liked it. Once I did streaked the “Ultraviolet” over that, and it looked really good.

Unfortunately, it would be very hard for me to do now. Maybe when I get a better place.


@Woodman - No problems there at all.
@RoadRunner - My first serious GF was a redhead. No further comment is required. :smile:
@ClockWorkXon - That must have been a sight to behold!

I’m now going to try and drag this thread back to it’s proper orientation…

Uhmm… Food stuff… Right. Erm… Damn. I got nuthin’ here.

The only thing I can think of is my irrational desire for a ‘Kopi’ right now. Which is dumb, as it’s 2am, and the last thing my body needs (or wants) is a giant mug of LD50-strength coffee with an artery-hardening amount of sweetened condensed milk added to it.


Does anyone by chance want some hot peppers to plant?

Over the past year, I froze some hot peppers of the type I cook with, with the intent to plant them when I once again live in a house. I’ve realized that this isn’t a practical option, as I have no idea when I’ll be able to effectively grow them, and intending a major move next year. It seems a shame to just dump them, though.

I’ve got long cayennes, habaneros, poblanos, bhut jolokia, and even a Trinidad Butch T.