Fixing Wordpress annoyances: welcome box, lowercase "p," please, & syntax highlighting

So, hey, it turns out that while the grass is indeed a little bit greener over here on this side of the blogging fence, Wordpress still does a couple of things I don’t like and that need correcting. This gives me an opportunity to do that most overdone of blog posts—the “here’s how to add $THING to Wordpress!” post.

There are two problems we’re going to fix: the first is Automattic’s decision to make “Wordpress” (without camel-case) always render as “WordPress” (with camel-case) no matter how the author writes the word. We’re going to undo this unwanted trademark enforcement via a must-use plugin.

The second problem we’re going to fix is the block editor’s “Welcome Guide” popover, and its insistence at re-appearing even after being dismissed. The damn thing comes back every time I create a new post in a new browser window—I assume because for whatever reason its dismissal is recorded not in an actual site preference, but in a cookie or something. So we’re going to banish it permanently via another must-use plugin.

And then, since we’re already going to make a couple of must-use plugins, we’ll make one more—this one will add PrismJS-based syntax highlighting to Wordpress. Which I will be typing with a lowercase “p.”

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