Fitness Trackers

I’ve got some Amazon money burning a hole in my pocket and been thinking about getting a fitness tracker, but holy crap is there a lot out there. I’m pretty much in analysis paralysis now.

  • Fitbit One (throwing something in my pocket or on my waist seems…weird? I could be convinced, though)
  • Fitbit Flex
  • Fitbit other?
  • Jawbone Up24
  • Gamin Vivofit (I already have a Garmin running watch and corresponding software/online account)
  • Microsoft Band
  • Polar Loop
  • Lots of others that I’d never heard of until I started shopping


  • Integration with Runkeeper and/or My Fitness Pal
  • Bluetooth sync w/ Android & iOS
  • Soft price cap at $125

Anyone got experience with these things? Are there new units on the horizon I should be waiting for?

I’ve had my Fitbit One for almost a year now (It will be a year tomorrow), and I love it. I wanted the one, because the step count is supposed to be closer to true than the wrist style. I use the clip and hook it to my bra, so it’s really convenient. I’ve known two other people to lose theirs, though.

The one problem I’ve found with the One is it counts phantom floors climbed. The pressure changes from weather can affect it, apparently. It recorded me climbing 61 floors one day that I didn’t climb even one.

@Nabiki: I had a watch that tracked “altitude” the same way - I went up 450 feet while sitting at a desk.

Sorry, @dakboy, I’ve got nuttin to add otherwise!

I knew someone who had a Fitbit Flex, and swore by it. I don’t have any other information on it.

It’s come up as a prize in one of the sweepstakes with mPoints a few times.

I don’t have a bra :frowning:

Does the One sync w/ a phone via bluetooth (he asks knowing he should just look it up).

Yes, it does. There are some older phones/tablets that are not compatible with the bluetooth, though. It didn’t sync with my Incredible or Rezound, but does sync with my HTC One. Their Android app is really slow, though.

Edit: You might try getting a bra. It’s a great place to clip your FitBit One. :stuck_out_tongue:
Seriously, though, you can clip it to the waistband of your pants just as easily, I’d think.

I have the Garmin Vivosmart…been using it since September. I bought it with their Heart Rate Monitor. It prompts me every hour to get up and move, which I do more often than not.

What does the Garmin sync with, and how?

Satellites I think.

They say it might be compatible with any device that has Android 4.3 or above, and/or Bluetooth 4.0.

I love my fitbit one. DH just got their new watch-type one for Christmas so I’m not sure how it works. I often clip my fitbit to the waistband of my yoga pants when no bra is being worn, and it works just fine. And it may have gone through the washer a couple times and survived with rice. Love it!