First IT job


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I figured this was as good a place to put this as anywhere else.

So I noticed this on the Google homepage this morning.
Google IT Certificate

As a person with basically no certs but a lot higher in skill set than this, I’m wondering if I can blast through it for the credit. The course looks fairly easy to me with a few bumps. It might be worth it just for the experience. You can test out of a course too. Then again, my 2nd thought tells me this is just an excuse for me to stop studying for my Linux certification…


What do you guys do when you have finished all of the assigned work and your hands are tied so you aren’t aloud to do new to advance work. Im hitting a lot of this at my contract job. We are very limited in what we are allowed to do when working and once it is done, we sit there twiddling our thumbs.


Read up on the tools you’re using. Learn them inside and out, backwards and forwards. Double-check the work you’ve done.


We have learned our tools inside out, left to right, etc… and we have been double, triple and quadruple checked. Its rather frustrating.


Are you under a gag order, or have you just been told not to make too much noise? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I work In a hospital that believes “silence helps the healing”.


ahem “allowed” is the word you were looking for, not “aloud” @Johtoguy


Oops!!! That is purely on me. I am surprised you didn’t catch that I wrote guys twice back to back!


Oh, we caught it. We were just being polite and not mentioning it.

Until a good pun presented itself, at least. :wink:


This was always my curse. I always had positions where I would often have pauses in the action. I usually justified goofing off by mentioning the fact that I pulled a 50 hour week last week or whatever. What’s the point of being salaried if you only get to overwork, not underwork.


Good thing I went back and fixed it!


Fixed one, missed one


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This ^

Given threads like this do you really think we didn’t spot it? :laughing:


Well that particular job was fun while it lasted. I learned what I do and don’t like when it comes to work.
I have now moved onto a better and much less stressful work environment at B*** ** *****. The pay is better and the co workers are not trying to cut everyone’s throat to get a permeant job.


Bill & Ted’s? I love those guys!


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Actually, both bogus AND heinous.