Firefox no longer asks about cookies

Firefox recently upgraded to version 44, and I started having problems with my credit union’s bill pay feature. It kept saying that I had to allow cookies. I checked my NoScript settings, they’re set to allow everything that needs to be allowed. I check my cookie settings, and, hey, wait! My option to “Ask every time” for cookies is gone. I did some searching and came across this article.

an “Ask before accept” option was, “not really nice to use on today’s Web.”

Personally, I think that tracking cookies are “not really nice to use on today’s Web” and I want the choice.

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Isn’t being not nice part of the Firefox experience?

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Yep, fully agree. That statement purportedly by Mozilla is, at best, pretty asinine.

The only cookies I care about right now are the box of Thin Mints on my desk. OM NOM NOM!