Fangs: an Elite Dangerous comic


i keep getting blasted by the same damn jerk.


Amazon has a pretty solid return policy, and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with buying that stick and returning it if you don’t like it. It’s not a problem as long as you’re not actually abusing the policy to “rent” equipment.

If it’s another player doing it, add their cmdr name to your blocklist. Or do what I do: play 100% in solo because fuck that noise.


I’ll +1 this. If I had an actual wing to fly with the rare times I play the game, I’d play in full multiplayer, but since I’m usually solo I’m always in solo mode so I don’t deal with fuckwits beyond the AI interdictors.

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Correct. I never play in Open because of all the retards out there. It’s either private group or solo. (And the other guys in the private group that I’m a member of all play in open now, so I have a solo-multi-group. :wink: )

Control-wise, I have a Saitek X52 (not pro), and a Logitech G13 keypad / microjoystick. The X52 is for flight / SRV driving and the G13 is used when mapping systems (to drive the FSS).

If it wasn’t for the insane time zone differences (I’m in UTC+11), we could actually have a CoG Private group and do wing missions and the like together.

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Welp, I jumped back into Elite for a while yesterday evening as part of my testing of my new headset (Steelseries Arctis Pro Wireless).

Remembered how fun it was to blow the hell out of a single NPC pirate that decided to interdict you.

Sighed a little bit at the fact that my XBOX One controller just doesn’t have enough buttons on it. While VoiceAttack somewhat makes up for some of that (being able to control FSD/Supercruise, cargo scoop, landing gear, takeoff, etc. with just voice is fun, plus I have Q as my voicepack), having the ability to roll the ship without it also turning would be nice.

Then I picked up a pair of missions to go shoot down a couple pirates in the next system over. These seem to be confined to a conflict zone. Ok, fine. Fly in, SC over to the zone, get into combat…aaaaaaand my graphics driver crashed. And then proceeded to crash almost every time I loaded back in and went back to the combat zone.

Then I learned that apparently E:D has some issues with NVidia 9XX series cards that might require me to underclock my card. That was the point where I gave up for the night.

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That’s shitty.


Decided to look around for potential other fixes to that. Ended up installing EDFX, which somehow does something with a different shader pack to help the resource usage?

Don’t know exactly all it’s doing, but it seemed to run better (enough for me to finish those two missions and get myself a half-million or so credits), plus now my HUD is all blue :smiley:


Missile launchers need more ammo, or I need better guns. I keep taking “shoot the dudes” missions to try and build up some funds, and I keep having to go back partway and restock my missile tubes.


Well…I’ve made a little progress…

I had built up my Viper MkIV to be kinda beefy. Ended up with dual gimballed burst lasers in the small hardpoints and dual seeker missile racks in the medium hardpoints. Made for an OK little hunter ship, but I wanted something…more.

So I just traded it in for an Asp Explorer last night. First thought was “Holy hell is this canopy gorgeous”

Second thought was “Wow, four small gimballed multi-cannons will chew through small ships like crazy and save me on missile restock costs”

Third thought was “Hm. Definitely need to save up some more and replace the bulkheads on this thing. And put on at least one hull reinforcement package. And not fly into a Threat 6 mission node ever again.”

Beautiful nearly-all-window canopy
Somehow is more maneuverable than the Viper despite being bigger
More hardpoints = more dakka
Obvious “bigger ship = more cargo space and more fuel storage”
I have discovered the glory of a collection limpet controller

Seems like it explodes quicker, but that could solely be because I had dual hull-reinforcement modules on the Viper and a higher-ranked shield generator. The systems I’m near don’t seem to have better 5-slot shield generators, plus I need to rebuild my bank account.
Forgot to store my auto-docking module and none of the stations I’ve been to are selling the damn things


The AspX is not a combat ship. It’s a long-haul exploration ship, or a small-scale mining / cargo ship.

Trying to do combat in one is not recommended.

If you want a decent combat ship, get a Vulture, Fer-de-Lance or Python. Maybe a Dropship or Assault Gunboat. Then A-grade the hell out of it, and pay lots of visits to Engineers to over-charge / max-out the weapons & shields.

If you want to experiment with various build-outs, check and it’s cool ship building page.


Got a Python. Got blowed up. Didn’t have enough for rebuy. Whee!


Over the past week I have made (pinky) ONE BILLION CREDITS doing asteroid core mining at the low-temp diamond hotspot on Feige 22 #2. About to crack Trade Elite!!!


That’s actually how I saved up enough for the Python. I kitted out the AspX with mining gear and found a low-temp diamonds hotspot in the rings of a planet in a system. “Hotspot” apparently means fuckall half the time though, as I tended to barely find any asteroids that actually had diamonds in them most of the time, but I was still able to do that in just a few days.

Maybe once I’m done feeling like I’m a dipshit for flying something I couldn’t rebuy (and playing MK11) I’ll work my way back up to a ship with enough hardpoints to try that again to get back in a decent ship.


If you can find them, Void Opals are worth a lot more - up to 1.7M per ton.

I just fitted a Guardian FSD Booster (Lvl 5) to my AspX (max 57LY jump range now. Woo!) and I’m back out in the black visiting all the Dynasty Bases and the abandoned mega-ship in the Formidine Rift from the big Salome event the other year.


Well, did enough little courier missions to get out of a Sidewinder and into a Diamondback Scout, which is crap, but at least it’s not a Sidewinder. Doing more courier missions and “deliver 10 of these things” type missions until I can afford something better again. Might divert and pick up a secondary Type-6 or something to build into a tiny miner once I can afford that.

Side benefit is I’ve pretty well relearned the new keybinds I have set up. I had VoiceAttack build a whole new keybind set so it could have everything, which includes combos, and then I started playing without it so I could learn the keybinds for a little while just in case I get flustered and my voice stops functioning properly :smiley:

Oddly enough, apparently I’m in a part of known space that happens to contain a neutron star system. I found this out by almost accidentally flying into one of the plasma cones during another jump…>_<


On another note, I love the new “advanced docking computer” that came with the April update, and the “Supercruise Assist” is kinda fun too.

ADC not only handles auto-docking, but auto-departing as well, so I don’t scrape my paint all over part of the damnable mailslots of the stations.

Supercruise Assist makes automatic course corrections to keep you on path to your locked destination, and auto-drops from SC when you’re in safe drop range.


I skip auto-docking (it’s fun!), but SC assist has proven to be pretty useful. It comes in a lot slower than you can do manually, but I’ve been using it for the last bits of frameshift travel. I’ll drop out of witchspace, point my nose at my destination, jam the throttle to 100%, then back off to the blue zone when the ETA timer hits 6 seconds—that’s been the magic number for years and years. Now, though, I’ll flip on SC Assist at that 6-second mark and let it handle the rest. It’s a nice compromise and it still gets you in dock much faster than going blue-zone the whole time.


I saw someone doing the full-throttle thing and dropping to SC Assist right at the bottom of the blue zone right at the end that dropped him out of cruise by shooting him through the station and ending up right on the other side of it.

In progress news, I replaced the DB Scout with a Type 6 that I shoved all kinds of upgraded engines in and a bunch of cargo bays, giving me 96 cargo slots that I’ve been using to haul shit around for missions. Worked my way back up to 7.5 million or so (as of this morning).

Debating the next way I want to go. I’m definitely gonna keep this Type-6 around as the “backup moneymaker” in case I ever get into the same situation of “got blowed up and ran out of wallet”. Debating picking up another AspX that I can kit out for mining like the last one or if my next one should be a hunter-killer type combat ship.


Yeah, that’s definitely not desirable behavior, lol :smiley:

Fortunately, the way supercruise has worked has been pretty much unchanged since the gamma prerelease-release in late 2014. Max throttle until the ETA timer is at 6 seconds, then throttle to blue. The timer will stay pegged at 6 seconds for the entire rest of your run, and you tap the disengage button/switch when it crosses 1Mm. (it used to be 200 meters, which was a lot more complicated…)

But the SC Assist is absolutely a convenience—been using it a hell of a lot since release.

Debating picking up another AspX that I can kit out for mining like the last one or if my next one should be a hunter-killer type combat ship.

I loved my time in an AspX—it’s a great do-everything ship. It’s got a not-terrible cargo capacity, it’s got awesome jump range, and it’s got enough hardpoints to have some pretty decent teeth. If you want a jack-of-all trades ship for your midgame, it’s a great choice.


See, in the short time I had one, I did like the number of hardpoints, but it definitely seemed rather squishy. The few fights I got into in it seemed like unless I could overwhelm the opponent’s shields in just a few shots, I was gonna be toast.

I guess I could’ve ripped out all the cargo bits and whatnot and replaced them with more hull reinforcement modules and slapped on a couple of shield boosters, but that would’ve seriously hampered its travel ability…

Maybe I’ll go exploring. I haven’t really left much of the same rough region of space that I was in when I restarted playing.