Fallout 4 - thoughts


I’d say they are tactical RPGs. Especially Fallout Tactics, which was sort of Fallout 3, before there was Fallout 3. And then the years of technical demos showing more isometric game play, but awesomer.

And then it came out as an FPS and I didn’t buy it. If I wanted an FPS I’d play CoD or something. But I’ve been interested off and on.


Thanks, all. I think I’ll try it out by renting from Redbox, so I can see if I like it. I haven’t ODed on Halo yet, though, so if I end up buying it, it won’t be until the price drops.


So I happened to walk into Diamond City on Dec 25, 2287 and all the shops had Christmas trees out front. Cool little Easter egg.


If you’re looking to get Fallout 3, it’s like $3 on Steam right now.


I’m digging it. I like it more than NV myself but that’s just me. I got the collector’s edition with the PipBoy phone case (that’s really all it is). It’s neat, but I don’t really use it. I do like the phone app though. I keep the phone I was going to use in the case (My Nexus is too big to fit) on my desk with a charger usually with the map up. Makes for a nice secondary monitor.

The building is neat and I’ve seen some really good ones. But yeah, I started on the quests and then kind of gave up. Red Rocket is my base right now though I might move to the StarLight Drive. But it sucks that I went back to Sanctuary to find a synth attacking and I didn’t get any notice. Plus they damaged my defenses and resources and I didn’t know it. I thought I would get a notice. I think I might do some cheating to setup a decent base or two and then leave it. I do wish it was more optional. And that the tutorial was better. Didn’t know highlighting a settler also highlighted what he was assigned to.

I have all the other games too (original copies and digital). I love the series. I even kickstarted Wasteland 2. I’ve run into graphic problems with the game not starting and crashing. I bought a R380 to play the game at a decent framerate but it still crashes if I play all day. I need a new case and motherboard for the game box anyways. Maybe soon. I do wish they had done a bit more tutorials though, like the fact you have a flashlight or can holster your weapon. But I’m loving it.


How was Wasteland 2?


I liked it. I admit I didn’t finish it but that was due to other things grabbing my attention and I was at a point where I’d forgotten what I was doing. I keep meaning on loading up a old saved game so I can get my bearings. I ‘think’ I can play it on the Surface with a bit of tweaking which would be awesome!


I’m rather enjoying it. The Director’s Cut plays a lot smoother than the first release, and I don’t think that’s just because I have the Mac version for once. Some of the maps have been re-wroked, there’s a lot more spoken audio than before, and most of the game-breaking bugs I found in my three play throughs (1 tactical, 1 brute force, 1 silent run) of the original release have been well and truly squashed.

There are a few moments where the plot… hurts. It’s telegraphed so hard that there must be phone lines in Zambia picking it up through induction. However, that’s not to say that it’s not still fun :stuck_out_tongue:


Like oh hey, this guy is going to betray me isn’t he. Ahh, but the plot is making me trust him, oops there he goes.


Something I just saw. You can hang light bulbs on wires like a string of lights when building a settlement.


You can do what now? So THAT’s how you make the nice rope lights around shops? Why does nobody tell us these things!?


It might only work with a console command. I haven’t tested it yet.


I rented it the weekend before Christmas and again last weekend. I’m torn, because I don’t really love it, but I’m constantly curious about what is going to happen next or what is just over yonder.
Game Stop had it on sale for ten bucks off yesterday, so I checked the Xbox Live store. (or Microsoft store, or whatever it is called) It was on the Discount with Gold list for ten and change off, plus they will send a code for a free copy of Fallout 3, so I bought it. Where else am I going to get Squirrel on a Stick™?


There’s more than a few rural areas where this is certainly possible.

All you need is a stick! And a squirrel! Both of which are commonly found in nature.


True. I had kinfolk from my grandfather’s era for whom small woodland creatures were regular dining fare.
While playing last weekend, my step-son overheard me talking back to the game. He was surprised & amused when I said, “Mmmm, squirrel on a stick!”


I FINALLY got the stupid Benevolent Leader achievement to unlock over the weekend. Took way longer than it should have.


I’ve been underwhelmed with the achievement descriptions. I’m used to them having fun with the naming, but I had no idea what I had done to get most of the few that I’ve received.


On another note, I love the dog.
I was looking at some bad guys through a sniper scope last night, waiting to get a good shot in, when Dogmeat came over to see what I was doing. It was a surprise, but I thought it was pretty dang funny…

“Hey, whatcha doin’?”


Most of the achievement names are quest related.


You haven’t seen rage until someone shoots Dogmeat…