Fallout 4 - thoughts

So is anyone else wandering the Wasteland? I’d love to hear your thoughts on the game. IMO it’s light years better than Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas.

I haven’t got it yet, but I’m planning on it since I loved 3 and New Vegas. I just might wait for the GOTY edition since it’s a single player game so there’s no pressing need for me to play it right away.

Feels like pretty much the same game to me—maybe with less of a yellow filter on the lens. I don’t like the new building/crafting stuff; it detracts from the parts of the game I want to play, and worse, the game forces you to spend time doing quest-related crafting if you go too far down the Minutemen quest tree—I’m getting pretty regular missions to go defend some dumbass colony because they have no defenses.

I’m about to just stop responding. I got other quests to do!

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I watched my ex-roommate play through the first game. Not really interested in the franchise at all.

Yeah i finally stopped doing those Minutemen quests too. Especially since it started to be mostly the settlements that HAD defenses that were being targeted. Was a good way to get XP though.

My roommate is enjoying it a lot. He decided to make a new character after 60 hours into the game…

I need to check to see if there’s a plugin available where you can shoot & kill children. One of the most egregiously awful things Bethesda did with Fallout 3 was stick a huge number of incredibly annoying kids in the game (like the bunch in Little Lamplight…ugh), give them dialog like “HEY FARTFACE. YOU’RE AN IDIOT AND EVERYTHING YOU DO IS STUPID. WHY ARE YOU SO WORTHLESS?” and then also give them infinite plot armor.

Look, I mean, I get it—shooting kids probably screws up the ESRB rating. But if I’m role-playing a black-hearted psychopath murderer, crawling the wastelands looking for revenge, and some preteen mouths off to me, I want to be able to drop him with a shotgun blast to the forehead and then loot his stupid corpse. And, fortunately, this became quickly possible in FO3 thanks to the modding community.

I’ve already run into one annoying-as-shit kid in FO4, and as soon as there’s a mod up, I’m going to go back to that kid’s house and give him a Mister Sandman.


I thought I had suppressed the thought of that quest in my mind. Thanks for dredging that memory up.

Shooting kids would also cause the game to be outright banned in Germany and Australia.

I’m enjoying it so far, it’s one of three games I actually use the PS4 for (the other two being GTA 5 and Saints Row 4).

Some of the early quests can’t be completed until later… which is actually really annoying. “Hey level five character, why don’t you help out these level one farmers by killing these two-dozen level twenty super-mutants?” Yeah… that could have done with being more balanced. I do very much approve of the new inability to accidentally sell or drop quest items.

The crafting… meh. I built a house, and a wall around Sanctuary, and then I built some Soviet-style metal cuboids for the rest of the Settlers to live in. Then I built a metal cuboid trading and community area. And my farm is awesome. When it comes to helping out other settlements I just build them four auto machine guns and then steal all the rest of their building stuff. They don’t need it; they don’t use it.

Mostly I’ve not been doing the quests. At all. I’ve just been walking from place to place side-questing to build up my levels so when I do go and do story-quests I’m not hopelessly under-leveled like I was when the game began. This had led to a huge amount of back-and-forthing to repair Power Armour and trade all the gazillion .308 rounds for a pittance of plasma cartridges.

I do like the weapons crafting system. And the naming system. I have a 10mm pistol called Shooty, a laser rifle called Zappy, a plasma rifle called Melty, and a tactical knife called Stabby :smiley:

I’m still having a blast with GTA Online two years in, and that’s why I haven’t felt compelled to play Fallout 4 yet. I just enjoy wandering aimlessly around Blaine County seeing what kind of trouble I can get in. I guess I’m just easily amused.

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I tried to hold out for the GOTY, but nope. I’m playing it now. I’ve played the whole series, and just got too excited to get back to it. It’s the fun I remember from F3, with fewer dead dog companions!

I haven’t done too much with the main plot, I like to poke around and do my own thing first.

I would like to try the mod to get full dialogue menus, though.

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I’m figuring on holding out until Christmas as I doubt I’ll make it to GOTY. I may have to plant some hints around the house as my son may be able to figure it out and clue his mother in for a gift idea. :wink:

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I wore a Vault 111 hoodie to work today, so there’s that. Maybe show him Fallout Shelter, the phone game?

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I’m torn on this. I mean, I’m home with the cancer, so when better to buy a time stealing game? But I really liked the isometric Fallouts, played 1,2, and tactics to the end. Didn’t play three of New Vegas.

It almost sounds like I’d be just as happy buyin gthe Fallout 3 GOTY version and playing that through first.

I would start there. I really enjoyed my time in the Capital Wastelands.

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@Lee_Ars: It’s already Rated M for Mature (with good reason). Would that seriously push it into AO territory?

@CaffeinatedNoms: I have a laser rifle called Hot Tasty Death and a shotgun called Boom Stick. :smile:

@Woodman: Definitely play through 3 or New Vegas first to familiarize yourself with the gameplay. It’s very different than the original games.

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What if I’ve never played any of them and am totally unfamiliar with the series? If I pick one up, it won’t be for a while, but I’m curious because there has been a lot of hype lately.

Fallout 1 and 2 are from the late 90s and early 00s and are 2D I believe. Fallout 3 and Fallout: NV released after 2008 and are 3D. I started with Fallout 3 so I have no experience with any of the earlier releases.

Ah, ok, thanks. I also Googled and found out that they’re RPG… I’m generally more of a FPS player.

Three, New Vegas, and Four can all be played in FPS mode. The traditional TPC can be switched on and off depending on your style of play. If you hate shoulders, turn the TPC off :smiley: