Erectile Dysfunction due to stress

As per the thread title.

Also lots of TMI. You have been warned.

But I hope this may help somebody who’s in a similar situation, and not sure what to do.

Three weeks ago I noticed that when I pee, it tended to be more of a lawn sprinkler than a good, solid stream, and also need to go more frequentlier, and this whole issue started suddenly, and not bit by bit over a period of time. Decided to keep an eye on it, and besides had an upcoming visit to the family planned. Also noticed that erections was not happening. Chalked it down to stress and decided to wait and see what happens in a stress free environment.

When at my family, I noticed that I could not get an erection. At all. Sadpanda.gif. Also, dribbling issue continued.

Wife said it may be stress or some other issue.

So, back in Pretoria I decided to go to the doctor end of this month, but then the pee issue got worse, frequent urination etc. Decided to go to the doctor rather than trying to tough it out.

Doctor checked my prostate physically as well as a couple of other things, and took some blood for tests, everything came back clean. And it was a huge relief to know that it was not that.

So he prescribed some meds to relax the bladder. I took the first pill this morning, and it was a huge improvement. Urine flow definitely improved and erectile functions have returned.

Stressed bladder. First time I’ve heard of it. Now we know. Not surprising, especially in the times and circumstances we live in.

Doc also discussed that we try this medication for a month and see how it goes. If it resolves the issue, and it goes well, and it turns out to be a chronic issue as well, a repeat prescription can be made.

The alternative (should this not have worked) would have to try other resolutions… and I’m glad other resolutions was not needed.


You are not alone. From personal experience stress can mess with a lot of things.


Medical conditions, plus stress, plus stress induced medical conditions, plus performance anxiety, aging, and not enough sleep can make a hell of a anti performance drug.

Wow! This site has changed a lot since my last visit!! EEK!! Giggle!! Seriously, glad you found the help.

Experienced a similar issue. I couldn’t get it up as often as I liked. Tried generic sildenafil and luckily it worked like a charm, even with a small dose (~12mg). Wife was impressed too. A shame I didn’t try it out until a week before the kids got back from vacation.

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Part of my dribbling issue was lack of fluids.

Googled it yesterday, I need to drink 3.4l of water daily.

I was drinking far less than 1 to 1.5l of water…

Mmmm, I may have to chat to the doctor about that.


Interestingly, I found that I was NOT drinking enough water daily, leading to be in a dehydrated state. This is being rectified now.

Should be taking in 3.4 litres, but was drinking far less than that.

Also, Google chucked up this nugget :

Dehydration can result in sexual dysfunction because a low volume of red blood cells and plasma prevents the corpus cavernosum (chambers inside the penis) from getting enough oxygen and nutrient-rich blood necessary to maintain an erection.

Interesting and good to know.