Entertainment on the cheap

I don’t have a use for a TV, except… To watch movies, and I want something more comfortable than watching them on my computer.

So if I have a (large) monitor with HDMI input, and a DVD player with HDMI, that should work, right?

I got nothing but blank looks at Best Buy.

I would think so, as long as the monitor has built in speakers or you have another audio solution in place.

It will. You may have some stuttering due to variations in the video card and TV frequency but nothing that can’t be tweaked I’m sure. I have my media center PC hooked up to a 4K TV and it works fine.

It works. I’ve done it and at least one of my buddies has, too. Heck, I did that with RCA connections back before HDMI, especially with a projector. You could also just play the DVDs in your computer.


Thanks all, for your answers. I am going to give it a try.