Elegy for a Dead World - a game where you write

I’ve been playing Elegy for a Dead World on and off for a few weeks now, and am very much enjoying it. The concept is simple: you are assigned to visit three dead worlds, and write the tale of each world’s demise. Each world has writing prompts built into it that you can build on, or you can go totally free-form and do a story from scratch.

I might end up reviewing the title for Ars, but only if I can find the time. It’s a fun game to get lost in—I’ve only published a single story, but I had a blast with it. If anyone ends up picking it up, mine is called “IT. SEES. IT. HATES.” and it’s for Shelley’s World.


I read a bit about that; I think Emily Short reviewed it. It looked interesting, but I hadn’t quite gotten to taking a serious look.

Oh my! That sounds cool!