Drawing on Gimp

So ookdaughter love to draw things, and it is something I encourage her to do.

Two of her recent drawings :slight_smile:

Now that we have a laptop available (not the best, but what the hey, it works) I have installed the latest Gimp, and will see if it is possible to use her Android tablet as digitizer.

Having googled it, I know it will not be as precise as a real digitizer, but you never know, maybe it will work for her.

You have two options, connect the tablet via USB or Wifi. I will try the wifi route, if it does not work, then the USB route.

She already has been playing on Gimp (sounds dreadful), and she only has scratched the surface of what you can do.

Told her that youtube may have lots of tutorials, will see tomorrow at my dad’s house (he have uncapped internet).


That’s how my sister started (she also loves dragons, by the way) - she was drawing on paper then around the time she became 14 and learning more about the ruination of the planet decided to forego paper altogether and start drawing on the computer. She uses Gimp too, although it was awful back then, but it’s much better now and she can draw things in Gimp that look like they’ve been painted in oils by a wise old artiste.

She’s 22 now, and still loves dragons. I think this might be a thing. Be prepared to be buying dragon-themed gifts forevermore :stuck_out_tongue:

So, the thing with the android tablet. Wifi sucked (tablet kept on disconnecting). USB didn’t work (can’t find the drivers).

I had an USB bluetooth dongle (one of the earlier ones), we got it connected via Bluetooth, and it worked. But drawing on it just sucks.

So it’ll have to be a proper digitizer then. Maybe when I’m rich :slight_smile:

Do you guys not have the Wacom Bamboo tablet series? I picked one up for £35 as a doodlepad :slight_smile:

What is it like?

An A6 touch surface with a pen, had quite a wide frame (I’m guessing they use the A5 mould but make the aperture smaller). Doesn’t have the screen in the surface because those are prohibitively expensive; there’s one the same size as the iPad Pro which is almost three times the price for something with the exact same level of sensitivity and a far worse display.

Although I’ve just perused Wacom’s site and the Bamboo seems to have literally fallen off the face of the planet - closest one I could find is this, but it’s twice the price!

I’ve got an Intuos one myself, and I love it to bits (literally, after five years the panel on it looks like someone has been gouging at it with a pointed rock) mainly because you can adjust the sensitivity to acclimatise for my MeatFists™ or the other way to make it so you barely have to touch the pad at all.

From the research me and my sister have been doing huion works better with most programs and has better driver support than Wacom, she also doesn’t use gimp but Krita. Krita has the functionality and depth that photoshop and gimp have. It is freeware and the team that makes it actively updates and works on it.
Here is a link to Kritas site, and I can find some base huions if anyone cares.

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Just opened up wacom.com and Bamboo accessories were the first thing in my list. Looks like they’re doing the ‘drawing pad that records your strokes’ thing, though.

Just reviewed it, and there’s no great option from Wacom I guess. You’d think someone would make an affordable tablet that combines a good digitizer with an at least mediocre screen, but it looks like Wacom had abandoned that market. The ‘capture what you write on paper’ thing is kind of useless to me.

Ooklet is coming on nicely with GIMP.

Tole her to youtube a video or two, which she did.

Lucky for her we had an extra monitor, now drawing is a real pleasure for her.

Work in progress.

Nevermind the clutter everywhere.

At least she got a good start with pen/pencil and paper, just need to get used to the new combination.


Pictionary!!! I can’t draw worth a flip, but when I was in high school, we used to play Pictionary all the time. Queue up a bunch of sound bites and stuff to download on AOL or GEnie, and play for an hour or two while they chugged along. I swear - pity anyone that ever wanted to talk to Mark’s parents, because we always had the phone line tied up with the computer.

Also, kewl, @Ook! Looks like she is drawing a giant South Park character attacking an oil tanker.
Art in progress = Rorschach test? LoL