Looked at an old Craftsman house last night, or Craftsman look-a-like. Original wood, original hardware, two bedroom, one bath, .6 acres in town, attic is semi-easily refurbished, payment would be half what we pay now.

2 car barn, chicken coop/gardening shed, walking distance to a coffee shop, bar, convenience store, and park. Easy biking distance to even more. Lots of friends in the area. And we have a renter/buyer for our current home.

But, we’re going from 2700 square feet to 1200. A trade I’m willing to make in theory, but I’m concerned at the actuality. The living room is the size of our current bedroom, the bedroom is the size of… well none of our current rooms are that small. The living areas are all decent sized, Kitchen, Dining Room, Living Room. I just don’t know if I can fit a california king in the “master” bedroom and a nightstand or two. So, we’re going to remodel the attic, eventually.

I am simultaneously excited and terrified. We’re taking another look this weekend.

My house is a little less than 1200 square feet, so I’m guessing that your rooms may be about the size of the ones in my house. The master bedroom in my house holds a queen size bed, but wouldn’t leave room to walk with a king. I would like a larger house, if only to have room for all of my books!

Good luck, and let us know how it goes. The location sounds ideal for you.

I think the king will fit, but we might have to come up with a temporary solution for nightstands, something a bit smaller.

Sheer Looxury!!
When I were a lad, we lived in 't shoebox…

Good luck with the downsizing. Having just gone through a similar (but far more extreme) exercise myself, I can say that it’s an… interesting… experience.

Based on previous experience, I would suggest that remodel should to take into account how to get the California king up there.

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We moved in a similar way…albeit 20 years back… Bedroom big enough for the queen waterbed, two nightstands, plus bookshelves on two opposing walls, to
Enough room for queen waterbed, one nightstand.

Look for a bedframe with a shelf-style headboard. Not a huge selection in normal-matress frames, really more around in the waterbed world, but I’ve seen a coupla at Ikea.

Thankfully the mattress folds like a taco, and it’s a 25 year mattress, so once should be enough.

One of the big plans for this place is I’ll have a good space for all my woodworking tools and can finally start building more furniture. I’m really itching to start making things.

A waterbed frame will hold the same size bedspring and mattress. My last “captain’s bed” was originally made for a waterbed.

Yes, but.

If you have a normal queen mattress, and find a queen waterbed frame, you’ll have the “California” length hanging out past the mattress.

Which means either buying a new mattress, or modifying the frame.

Now, if you already own the longer version, then everything fits.

Many of these problems can be solved with a reciprocating saw.

Or a metal bed frame I just tack sides headboard and foot board to.

“Brute force is ALWAYS” an option.

But if you just spent a month’s salary on a high-grade, finished product, a Sawz All is kind of rude. Easier to find the right one, if you can.

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I moved from an apartment to a house of the same size. When I decided to rewire the house, I had to put a lot of things in a storage unit so I would have room to work. Made me realize how many toys I’ve bought over the years.

Once the rewiring is done, at least half of the attic will become usable storage space. I should still look at how many of those toys I actually do want to keep and collect.

Made an offer Sunday. Counter offer split the difference and closing costs. Accepted last night. Still need inspection,

Now to fit 8 years and 2700 sq feet into 1200 sq feet (plus 1000 ft basement and 800 foot attic). I’m going to get one of those bagsters for the driveway one weekend. Too bad I can’t get something like that from Goodwill. I could fill a truck easy.


Oh, and congrats.

Like a dumpster, but not as shocking to the neighbors. I need to talk to Goodwill see what I can do there.

Thanks, I’m getting my groove on as far as freaking out goes now.

I think I could handle a dumpster, rather than an “ultra-economy size” shopping bag.

That’s the spirit.

Congrats @Woodman!

I couldn’t imagine having to downsize myself since my kids are under 13 yet. Not to mention the fact my wife and I have 24 years of accumulated stuff laying around.

I have one at 21 with a 1 year old and a 13 year old. 22 tomorrow.
One at 17 that will be a full time resident for another 8 months.
And one at 7 years old that will only be around for another ten years.

We bought this house we’re in now with a 13 and 9 year old expecting to add at least one if not two. I’m ready to start culling some crap.