Don't know why but

…I like the smiling dinosaur. At least I think he smiling.

When dinosaur and Puma get close enough, it looks like dinosaur leering at Puma. But I understand, I’ve been doing that for years!!

He’s extremely sneaky. He’s smiling because he’s probably done something mischievous.

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I like the mischievous glint in his eye and the raised eyebrow (or eyebrow ridge, I guess). Sorta reminds me of a dinosaur version of Pierce Brosnan in his Remington Steele days. :laughing:


Dinosaurs are awesome!! :smiley:

So are pumas, monkeys, techno mistresses and well, lots of stuff!! :smiley:

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Even crazed rodents. :paw_prints:

Ah thanks!! :blush:

Dinosaurs are fun.
Dinosaurs love humans,
Because we’re really yum.

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A lentron sighting! Yet another classic CoGer has returned! :smiley:

CoGers, assemble!

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The 64 car Voltron. Seems appropriate.


I’ve associated clicking on @Lee_Ars’s head when I click the dinosaur at the top. “Take it home, Lee!” :slight_smile:

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I always preferred that one myself. Much more believable.

There aren’t enough redundant systems in five lions for that thing to work reliably.

I don’t get the why on that one. I understood the lions, I mean ancient technology sitting until it’s needed, useful solo, blah blah blah… but why a minivan?

I liked the cars better too, but why such crappy cars.

And I think that was my main beef with the car Voltron. They should have used way cooler cars. But they didn’t, so 10 year old me thought the lions were cooler. :smile: