Does anyone here program in unity?

Anyone? Anyone at all? The 15 year old is having some trouble and I am completely useless. Now she wanted to remove pieces of intestines from a dog I’d be all over it but that’s not the case. I can’t even explain what her problem is so if anybody programs in unity I’ll have to get her on here. Thanks!

It depends what you mean by Unity.

There is a theoretical programming language called Unity.
There is a Microsoft product called Unity.
There is also a game development platform called Unity.

The programming language is a bit of an odd one {insert geek speak here}.
The other two are just products that can be programmed using other programming languages.

I have never actually done anything with the programming language and my guess is that nobody here has done.
However, I have programmed in about 20 different languages and I’m pretty sure I could give some advice.
Post up any questions you have and I’m sure we’ll be able to help.

That’s alot of questions that I know zero answers to. Let me.get the girl child and have her post her questions. :joy::joy:

If you’re talking about the Microsoft game dev platform, a friend of mine is a Senior Tech Evangelist for Microsoft specializing in Unity and similar platforms. I can try to hook you up.

I mean the game making software that is free if you get the personal version. I would like to know what program I can use to make a 2d character animation. I have the programing and everything set, I just need to make its appearance. I don’t have any money to spend on the program, so if it’s free, that would be great. Thank you!

I’ve asked my Microsoft contact on your behalf.

Thank you!

His response:

first use Paint .NET or Gimp or Inkscape as a free photoshop alternative to create 2D graphics. Then, use Spriter for 2D animation. There’s also Spriter Pro (not free) for $60 and they usually have sales.

Thank you, I will try them.

I have the animation. I need help putting it into unity. Thank you!

The above is 15-yr-old speak for “Thank you for your help. I have now completed the animation of the 2d image, but I’m still having trouble integrating it into the Unity program. If there are tips and tricks, or a good messageboard, that would be great. I haven’t really been able to find much on my own investigation. Thanks again for all your help!”. :wink::blush:

Hehe, I’m getting flashbacks.

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