Documentation Tools

I’m looking for something weird here, but we have some unwieldy documentation for a project and wondering if anyone has any suggestions.

For the immediate need, we’re using a Word Doc which has several failings. Some are user errors, but it’s a bad tool for jumping around the document at the best of times.

What I’d like is a way of putting it on a web page with a few specific weird feature requests:

  • HTML/Markdown is fine.
  • Needs a tree view so we can have chapters/sections/subsections
  • Either/Or Breadcrumbs (to make it easier to jump back when hyperlinking to something) or the ability to do pop up displays of short info.
  • lightweight: ability to download content or work offline is a plus.

Any suggestions? I might be overthinking things and should just use a proper PDF. The other option is a system like Drupal but it’s not exactly purpose-built for the need.

Anyone have similar issues? Low cost or FOSS is a plus… but if “make a proper PDF” is the option, so be it.

Would something like DocuWiki work?

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We use Confluence from Atlassian at work for documentation and “user stories” (requirements). It seems to work pretty well and has the added ability for us to tie documentation to JIRA tickets.

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DokuWiki is worth checking out. I haven’t touched it in years. Used to run my personal site on it which was an odd choice but worked surprisingly well.

Confluence sounds pricey. :slight_smile: Maybe worth checking out:

(Confluence does have a “free” tier so as to not malign the product.)