DNS insanity

A guy on the DNS team just assigned an IP we have been using for years for our vCenters to some other appliance this morning.

… and he won’t change it back, insisting that we adapt to the new situation.

There are 10 guys on our end trying to put out fires and another handful of management staff trying to set up a meeting with him to remedy the situation. There is blood in the air and murder in mind. I’m suggesting a trip to the bar just to calm our team down. OO! Meeting accepted.

I’m just gobsmacked by the whole thing. HINT: Don’t do this.

What the hell? What’s his reasoning for this?

UPDATE: The new appliance was defined in the ipam incorrectly, but the device can only be reset by the manufacturer (because these idiots can’t figure it out for themselves). We’ve managed to get it taken offline so we can get our own IP back for our 400+ production VMs and are simply asking them to correct their issue with something that isn’t even online yet.

le sigh

So somebody (not you, obv) is getting fired I hope.

You can’t fire an indeterminate government employee just because they fucked up and cost said government thousands of dollars because they don’t know their job. That would be ungovernmental.


Oh wow. Way to go.

Any resolution to this situation?