Discourse 1.0

As of about six hours ago, DIscourse is no longer pre-production beta software—we are officially at version one dot oh.

A huge amount of stuff has changed since this insanity. Discourse is now a containerized application (using Docker) with a way less complex deployment, and it’s gained a lot of features as the version numbers have piled on. Plus, IMO it’s so much nicer than dealing with phpbb or even Vanilla (not to mention the fact that Vanilla’s development pace appears to lack way behind Discourse).

The upgrade to 1.0 went smoothly and everything seems to be working well, but keep an eye out for weirdness and let me know if you guys see anything funky.

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I’ve lost my Leader status, badge and access to the lounge. Other than that, everything seems fine so far.

Trust level 3 (the “leader” level) looks like it has rolling requirements rather than being a one-time gate:

Aww, how disappointing

It took me a little bit to recognize the change, because I’m slow like that. :blush: I like the new button design!