DirecTV Creative Cabling Advice

So I’ve got a weird situation I might have to assist with (see below) and I’m wondering what the ebst way to proceed is. First the tech bits, then the family drama bits:

Tech Bits:
May need to relocate a DirecTV box (and TV) to a location with no drops (but power). Requirement includes keeping it easy-to-use, but I’m open to alternatives.

I assume this run will need to be good-quality coax cable, right? Can I put a splitter in near an existing box, and should I look for a powered splitter if the run is going to be 50 feet or more? Recommendations for powered splitters?

Any other suggestions will be appreciated.

family drama
So $Wife’s father has been in the hospital. A couple weeks ago he fell while his wife was at work and spent most of the day laying on the floor in front of a door, unable to move. The next day we’re notified, and $Wife takes him to the ER as he’s got severe swelling of basically everything below the waist.

Two weeks go by, and there’s not a lot of improvement. Last we heard, we may be looking at setting him up at home for a small chance of a recovery, but a much larger change of a roughly 6 month final run. It’s not going to be pleasant, as the patient now has an ugly range of symptoms including kidney issues, heart problems (limited strength), diabetes, neurological concerns, impaired faculties and more.

So while hoping for the recovery we’re looking at making him comfortable and due to logistics (and, it should be said, a desire that he be in a part of the in-laws house that gets light and traffic) this may mean a room that isn’t perfect, and one way in which I can fix that is running a long cable so he can watch TV at least.

Any suggestions will be appreciated. We’re in a weird state where $Wife is trying to keep her mom sane and take care of stuff, so my job is taking care of $Wife so she at least comes home to a relatively intact and sane situation.

Very sorry to hear about $Wife’s father. I hope things improve, or at least you can find some comfort in the living situation.

Cable length shouldn’t be an issue with coax. Get good shielded coax (RG-6U) and you should be fine.

It’s an ugly situation (and I know I’m burying the lead with the tech question on top). I sent $Wife off today to have the surely-not-fun meetings with doctors and such with her mom. I’m hoping there’s some miscommunications as there’s multiple doctors and the mom is in kind of an understandable bad state with this (so may not pass on data accurately).

$Wife is pretty prepared for the situation, actually. Maybe doing better than me in a lot of ways. She expects to break down once it’s over, but is kind of used to being the responsible one. This is at least the 3rd time she’s had to deal with major medical issues for her father in the decade we’ve been together. She’s at least somewhat ready for her father’s passing.

Not so ready for the likely issues afterwards, but that’s a whole other issue. Family politics will kick in, as people may fight over inheritances and such. And we’ve got to convince the mom she needs to move to someplace that better fits her finances and needs instead of a house that isn’t really useful to anyone and will be hard to sell without major work.

(Really: Due to dog-related damage and such, $Wife joked over the weekend that she’s worried if Home Health Care people come in they’ll think there’s an abuse/neglect situation. The dogs haven’t been properly housetrained, so do whatever they want in the areas they’re allowed to run in. Bare minimum to get the house suitable for resale is going to be a new kitchen floor and carpet in a few big rooms… maybe replacing drywall in a few areas. Maybe subfloor if there’s damage.)