Default view: categories, or latest?

I’ve had the forum set for a while now to display the Categories view as the default when visiting the site, but yesterday I flipped it back to displaying Latest, which is the forum software default. I thought I’d prefer Categories as default, but the more I stared at it, the less I liked it.

What do you guys think? Leave it like it is now, or flip it back?

I prefer it, just. If only because the Categories view doesn’t seem terribly useful for spotting new stuff.

Latest gets my vote. It’s the first button I hit when I arrive.

Isn’t there a way to post a poll around here, @Lee_Ars? I can’t seem to find the option to do so.

I still prefer “Latest” as the default view.

Much prefer latest… its what I flip over to immediately on loading the page if it isn’t already so…

I just click on the picture in Netscape and it takes me there.

Net what now? is that like innertube exploder? :smile:

Seriously, are they still around? wow. Cool I guess, I remember it being the go to thingy before firefox, and now chrome for me. I was just surprised.

Netscape Navigator is Firefox.

I typed it without thinking and thought I’d leave it there. I’m not huge on my forum optimization skills. I come hear to read and talk, doesn’t bother me too much to click on a different view if I need to look at it one way or another. It’s likely that my tastes will change over time anyway.