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South Bay teen dies after freak accident on tour bus
This was not a freak accident, the boys were playing a game of ducking the overpasses as the bus drove under them.

Just waiting for the lawsuit by the family stating the busline did not provide adequate warning NOT to do this. :confused:

Argh, and the people screaming for the law to be changed to not allow double decker buses, or “low” overpasses, and make sure chaperones are qualified. Why don’t we just make it illegal for young men to do stupid dangerous crap too?

It would really suck if it were one of my kids, to die in such a way that it’s totally their stupidity. I’d be looking for someone to blame too.

Yeah, saying it was a freak accident is like saying that getting shot in the head while playing Russian Roulette is a freak accident.
It’s tragic, especially for the family, it’s also incredibly stupid, but there is nothing “freak” about it.

I would definitely like to know what the “adult chaperones” were doing, surely their job is to prevent stupidity like that from being fatal?

The headline has since been updated to remove “freak accident”?

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With no mention of the edit anywhere. I’m getting really sick of the memory holing by news organizations online, even with something this minor.

I’m getting sick of it too but I’m not surprised. 1984 was supposed to be a work of fiction, not a documentary.

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The article still calls it a freak accident, even if the headline doesn’t. And it still isn’t a “freak” accident.

Woman Sues Starline Tours Days After SoCal Teen’s Death on Double-Decker Bus

We were never told not to stand on the top.

You shouldn’t have to be told not to bring the hairdryer into the shower. Sheesh!

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Grief counselors were on campus for students and faculty on Monday from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Too bad they didn’t hold a memorial service for his common sense.

“It’s not OK this is happening, and Mason’s death could have been
prevented if Starline had taken what happened to me seriously and
trained their drivers,” Guerra said. “It would have taken maybe a
five-minute discussion with everyone that got on the bus to let them
know it’s not safe to be standing on top of the bus.”

This is why we can’t have cool stuff. A five minute discussion to be told not to stand up in a moving vehicle. Did she have to be told not to jump off it? If she knew the top was overloaded, what was she doing up there?

I’ve had to stop doing something fun because it became dangerous, it’s called being an adult. I’ve even not done something that looked fun because it was dangerous and not worth the risk.

When she goes to a restaurant do they need to tell her that not chewing your food any swallowing it can kill you?


And the sad thing is that this company will probably get rid of all these buses to prevent further legal action by stupid people or their family members, thus depriving responsible adults of something fun. Also this wasn’t even her kid who died. She was injured in an unrelated accident and now she decides to sue? Something smells fishy here.

Now she can prove they didn’t care, or learn, about/from what happened to her.

That stupid movie about 24 hours of lawlessness, this is what that is for. 24 hours where all the consumer warnings disappear would take care of most issues.


From what I’ve seen, the idiots are highly resilient, You might need 48 hours.

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A 2 second thought process would do the same thing. Okay, maybe should rather than would. We are talking about morons here.


“You’ve got to remember that these are just simple farmers. These are people of the land. The common clay of the new West. You know… morons.”