Dark Dungeons....THE MOVIE!

Everyone remembers the classic Jack Chick tract Dark Dungeons—in fact, I’m pretty sure the tract figures heavily into @sig and @Sunbeam’s courtship and/or marriage (something about gaining “the real power”).

But you know what’s even better than a hilariously out of touch tract attempting to save kids from falling into the clutches of the occult through role playing? A hilarious movie based on a totally literal reading of the tract itself! Yes, that’s right, it’s Dark Dungeons: THE MOVIE.

I can’t wait to see this. It looks absolutely brilliant.

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I remember reading that tract! That was… an awfully long time ago. 0_0

I’m attacking the darkness!

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Hey, pass the cheetos!

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I have an ogre slaying knife it gets a +5 vs ogres.

Is there any more Mt. Dew?

As an atheist I feel hypocritical for saying this.

In the name of everything that’s (un)holy, WHY???

Because digital film is almost free, and anyone can make a movie now. Maybe it just entered the public domain.

Will they get mad if I try to convince my friends to dress up and wait in line for hours to see this movie?

Wait, is this serious? I thought it was someone making the movie to make fun of the Chick Tract.

They are and they aren’t. The movie is a straight visual adaptation of the tract, with all hysterics intact. It doesn’t change anything, and so from one point of view, it’s not a parody at all.

However, the thing is so insanely over the top that it doesn’t need any additional massaging to be hilarious. The movie makes fun of the tract simply by showing what’s in the tract!


So, wait. This is too meta.

If I watch it and enjoy it, aren’t I supporting Chick? Seriously, this is my favorite tract. I want to see this, and I want to enjoy laughing at it, but how can I do so in an obviously ironic way?

Who makes the money off it?

I just used some google fu, OMG this is freaking awesome and I want to throw more money at it than I actually have.

Am I getting drunk?

Nah, the rights have been purchased by the filmmakers and they’re unaffiliated with Chick, and it’s being played perfectly straight precisely because the tract is so over the top. It doesn’t need to be modified at all to be hilarious and awful, so you can enjoy it without guilt :smiley:

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Yeah, I figured that out. The deadpan delivery, along with the fact that Chick just gave them the rights has to mean they are going to print money, I have to watch it just because one of my friends always had to pretend we were playing a Star Trek RPG instead of DnD because of this thing, and others like it.

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So has anyone seen it?

Hmmm. Strange, this didn’t show up as unread. I only checked the thread because noticed the time stamp.

Is it still available? I really want to see this…