Dabbsy article on The Register [16-09-2016]

Makes me think - what kinds of information we inadvertently leak during our sojourn on the wibbly wobbly web, information that can be used against us?

I’m pretty careful what I post, but still…

I could lose my job I’m sure. If someone found here, which wouldn’t be too hard.

Due to the amount I share here of my personal life my marriage may get a bit rough for a week or two.

Yeah, pretty much same here. It helps that I’m not on LinkedIn, and have very little info on Facebook - just enough for old acquaintances from high school to find me. Mi esposa, however, puts all kinda crap on there, but still not as bad as my ex, who it seems posts updates about her dogs’ bowel movements (some of my friends’ wives are still FB friends with her (as is one of my brother-in-laws, WTF?)).