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Nope, that was in 3.5 too. I think it was removed for Pathfinder though.


Yeah, Pathfinder didn’t do that.

The thing is, it all depends on the GM, if you have a crappy GM then it’s a crappy game. If it’s a good GM then it’s a good game.

I see that, but, I was the back up on most of those except face and Lore. The wizard could beat me on Arcana lore, but I had knowledge X pretty tied up. And, the key here is you start running into action economy problems. If I’m being the ranger then I can’t be the wizard, and if I’m being either of those it’s possible I’m dropping the ball on being a bard.

Valid point though, and part of the reason I was stressing being the everyman with this dude is I didn’t want to power game too much, so I spread out instead of focusing. The other players were pretty new to the game. And then add in the fact that the more I could do the more I could take credit for at around level 12 or 14 when I turned on them. Immediately followed by my redemption of course.

And maybe because I’m playing with a bunch of 11-14 year olds that’s the issue. Teamwork and using their strengths together is something I’m trying to get them to do. But half of them are stuck in “I want a familiar that can speak common and steal stuff from the Paladin while I get drunk and kill all the guards” And this being a church group it’s part of our goal to not only give them a safe environment to play in but to have them grow as people. I’m working on helping them with that. It’s only sometimes ok to be a murder hobo.


It’s definitely possible. If you’re playing essentially the “backup adult” who’s guiding around the rest of the party because they haven’t figured out how to be a group yet, that’s definitely different from being “the guy who needs to be able to do everything because he wants to be always in the spotlight” that I’ve more frequently seen. It still kind of bothers me, though, because I’ve always been of the mind that I should fill whatever role I’ve selected and do that one thing well (i.e. specialize, if I’m making a healer-cleric then I want to focus all my efforts towards improving my ability to heal, and taking things like archery or non-domain knowledge skills would just hamper that ability, and in my eyes, take away from possibly whichever other party member should be doing that so they could get their time in the light)


Sorry, I wasn’t clear. What I meant was the 5e dynamics might not be coming through very well because of the age of the players. They don’t know the system and they don’t know the concept of player cooperation very well still. Synergy is a unknown concept.

The Pathfinder game with the Bard I was totally trying to be every man because everyone needed backup and because it fit in with my greed story (Not always having the center spotlight, but always sharing a piece of everyone’s light). Up to the point when we stopped playing I was still in help everyone selflessly mode.

Though if you are familiar with Pathfinder specialization creates it’s own problems as you end up with near godlike powers by level 6. And that’s the failure of that system.


I get that. New players, especially younger teens, are almost universally not in the “party dynamics” mindset, doubly so if they haven’t been playing the game long (or at all)

I can imagine that if you and I were in the same gaming group and you were using that character, I’d probably be rather annoyed with it. I can get behind the character background and everything, and the character itself may be awesome, but the whole “being in everyone’s light all the time” thing would probably drive me insane after a while…but I’d try to find a way to address it in-character, because that’s how we all grow our characters’…character! :smiley:

Right, which is one of the reasons I did get tired of 3.5/Pathfinder and ended up really liking 5e. The progression feels more realistic, to me. To each their own.


I must not have been doing it well because I wasn’t annoying anyone yet. But I’m a helpful kind of guy so it likely just felt normal. I hadn’t started being annoying with it, and didn’t even come up with the idea until around 6th level when the original PC with the betrayal built into his character got kicked out of hte group for being an alcoholic asshole who couldn’t play nice with kids.


LOL. so over the weekend we played again, and the girl who was almost pulled from the group was feeling her oats. She threatened to kill the two murderhobos and kept a magic sword because they were both two stupid to cooperate with anyone and didn’t deserve it.

The funny thing is they mostly conformed to her leadership… and this is how the lawful good shadow sorcerer taught the Paladin and Chaotic neutral Rogue how to play nice. And got the useless bard to do something. Right now she’s the tide that’s raising all boats as far as gameplay goes.

She’s also playing with her dad’s 30 year old dice now.


Hah, got them to switch to Pathfinder, which I have a lot more experience and books for.