Custom Twitter URL shortening and image uploading

I don’t know what normal people do on days off from work, but I do things that are too esoteric even to write about for Ars Technica because…because I think there’s something wrong with me. So, last Friday I spent a few hours setting up a vanity URL shortening service and custom image uploading service for Twitter, so I can, I don’t know, be cooler than everyone else. It was surprisingly fun!

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I went to an American Red Cross first aid/CPR/AED course. Since coming home I have been listening to loud music and installing Windows XP in a virtual machine so I can do Army business without having to reboot from Linux Mint Debian. Not nearly as esoteric as a URL shortening service, but a pretty good day nonetheless.

That sounds like the kind of thing I would have found fun 10 or even 5 years ago, Lee. Now I’m just too burnt out. :frowning:

Many years ago, when I actually had spare time but squandered it regularly, I had thoughts of writing my own URL-shortening “service” for my own use.

I might still do it someday, just for sh*ts & grins.