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Only in New York
Straphanger makes citizen’s arrest after hell breaks loose on subway

Basically, a woman on a train started attacking another woman out of the blue. Kicking her, hitting her with keys etc.
One person stepped in to help, but didn’t really do much.
Until the attacker called the victim a “f—king c–nk.” (not completely sure what the missing letters are in the second word)

At that point, people got upset because of the racism.


If it’s racist, the word is probably ‘chink’. Which also fits in with the first word also having two letters removed.

Wouldn’t it be better world if no one knew that?


Yeah, that’s what I thought originally, but then the victim talks about calling her a Muslim so I wasn’t sure.

And while you are right in your second statement, people would just find some other derogatory word.
Maybe “Wouldn’t it be better if nobody felt the need to know words like that?”


I remember seeing the video of that. Yeah, that was the slur involved, the woman being attacked was an Asian woman who just happened to bump into the crazy lady on accident, who flipped her shit and started attacking her.

I think the “muslim” comment was directed at the guy who was filming it.


This individual is so deep in their own bubble they don’t recognize what they are seeing.

Food that’s bad for you is cheap, a lot because of governmental food subsidies. And calling Dollar General a racist enterprise, or an entity that unintentionally continues racist situations is just this side of crazy. I’d bet that they have no idea the racial makeup of the innumerable small towns that lost their little family markets 20 years ago and are just now getting a Dollar General. They have gone from having no food with a 20 minute drive to at least being able to pick up a slightly more expensive gallon of milk.

They have their cause and effect backwards. These stores don’t sell cheap crappy food because they hate black people, or poor people (Who this writer seems to assume are the same people). The store sell cheap food because the expensive food, or “healthy” food sits on the shelves and rots. I’ve seen it in my own town, whenever the IGA would try to stock something fancier or healthier it wouldn’t sell and end up on clearance.

The suggestion to limit the number of stores per mile does make sense in a zoning sense. But it should apply to CVS and McDonald’s and even Whole Foods.

But they’l never fix how people eat by forcing stores to close or sell something people won’t buy. I can’t stand teh level of moral superiority in this sort of article.